The Most Common Ways Cervical Instability Can Cause Tinnitus

The Most Common Ways Cervical Instability Can Cause Tinnitus. Ross Hauser, MD discusses the neurology behind why many individuals with cervical instability complain of tinnitus.

The Most Common Ways Cervical Instability Can Cause Tinnitus

Learn our article that additional explores tinnitus and different ear signs associated to ligamentous instability of the cervical backbone:

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  1. so a couple months back I started getting a feeling of air in my ear . . from left to right . . then it turned into a tingling feeling from ear canal to ear canal . .then I started getting nasty headaches on the rear right back of my head . . any somewhat loud sound will make my ears ring for a long time . . around the same time I was doing alot of neck stretches because I was thinking my c6-c7 buldge could be contributing to it . . till this day I have ringing in my left ear that doesn't go away . . and I have to wear ear plugs in case a random loud sound finds me . any ideas? I was getting ear fullness from ear to ear but that stopped . and also I don't get the headaches anymore . . but my balance is still off . .

  2. My unending appreciation i channel to Dr Madida whom I met on YouTube for helping me cure my Tinnitus condition. Many claim and say that this condition can’t be eradicated but Doctor Madida with his herbal supplements cure me completely with no side effects or allergies.

  3. Really solid explanation. My dentist insists tinnitus is caused by teeth grinding. My ENT insists it is neural feedback. The dentist thinks it can be cured with a mouthguard (it wasn't) and the ENT thinks it is incurable. I'm looking into bimodal stimulation to see if that will work, as it is less expensive for me than flying to Ft Myers.

  4. OMG. I can't believe I found this. I have been suffering from these exact symptoms, being told its meniere's, but it doesn't go away with anything. I had a head injury a long time ago and have arthritis in my neck.

  5. My mom is 85years old. since 2018 she has had a loud crackling (like someone stepping on glass)in her right ear that comes and goes in LOUD clusters and this has been very intense and overwhelming. She has to hold onto walks to walk in her house! Is this even consider tinnitus because it's not ringing or buzzing or whooshing etc?
    2019 we found a surgeon that said middle ear resectioning of the tensor tympani and the stapedius and has helped with some patients so we went with that. IT WAS A MIRACLE!! It helped!! That was in August 2019..but it only lasted a few months and dealt with it on and off but it was "in a distance" sounding she said, And for the past 2 months its sooo loud it has incapacitated her, making her hv to use a walker in home . She lives alone and its breaking my heart that there seems to be no real answers . CT and MRI of brain and IACS are negative. Trying trileptal anti-seizure as dr said it may help. MY mom is normally constantly on the go and now she holds on to walls and gets dizzy with the crackling. She can't sleep or live like this..any thoughts? thank u-God Bless, Karen in New Jersey

  6. Wow! So grateful to have found this channel. Everything makes sense now. I am suffering for years but all my doctor's keep saying that nothing that can be done. I have almost all of these symptoms. The pulsating tinnitus is driving me insane. Thank you for the informative video❤🙏

  7. Wow This is the best explanation I have heard in all my research. I have a disc bulge between my C5 and C6 and have been dealing with horrible ringing and pressure in my left ear for 7 years now and they keep telling me it’s Maniers. I knew it’s because of my neck injury. thank you.

  8. Very informative but the challenge I run up against is there never seems to be any depth into discussion for resolution of issue on these videos. So many possibilities of cause but never a protocol for resolution. Im so over hearing i have to live with it.

  9. Mine is very loud ringing sounds like bees, mosquitoes, phone ringing and like an alarm. I get different sound in each ear. Had thyroid surgery wonder if damaged nerves caused it.

  10. I'm not sure I understood all of them comparative differences between the cause of source of tinnitus with the carrying sounds experienced. I know mine is not pulsating but I heard no reference to a tinnitus that is the continuous sound of cicadas and crickets. The volume may differ from time to time but it is pretty much just continuous.

  11. Went to the emergency room for a wooshing heart beat in my head. Worried I was having a stroke. They didn't know anything. I come home tonight and see this.This makes sense. I sleep and have neck issues on the side where I have this whooshing heartbeat sound. Mine has a fast pulse that woke me up. It went away after standing up and 1 min. I was really scared. It's happend twice now. Thank you this was so helpful.

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  13. With tinnitus, I've been so lucky. Until my 50s, it was always only ever a low grade whooshing sound with intermittent spells of more bothersome ringing that never lasted too long and intermittent accusations of suffering from selective hearing. Lol. From childhood thru 30s, hearing tests always confirmed that I have excellent hearing. Meanwhile, from a very early age, I insisted on sleeping with a fan blowing in the room for white noise, even in winter. In my teens, I went to work at a fast food joint where the radio was constantly playing and there was a constant sizzling noise f/all the fried foods not to mention the constantly crackling customer order speaker. Hearing issues, especially sound sensitivity, got a little worse, but nothing too bad. Then, in my early 50s, I started getting ear aches. They got severe enough that I was sure there was infection. Three times I went to my Primary Care Physician who would have a look, pat me on the head, and send me home like a good little hypochondriac. Finally, one day I saw his PA who took it more seriously. He tried a few things that didn't work, then sent me to a specialist. The specialist couldn't find anything wrong, either. Suddenly, I had an idea. I'd had other neck issues, so asked if severe neck tension could be causing my earache. He said definitely yes! Now, for ALL my neck related issues, I do a lot of stretch, strengthening, and self-massage exercises to relieve neck & shoulder tension and improve posture. Some of my other neck & ear issues include: intermittent sound sensitivity (hyperacusis – pink noise may help?) including, once after an evening at a loud concert, sound distortions; hearing my own heartbeat, temporarily relieved by moving my head/neck until I find a quiet position; TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome – I found exercises on YouTube that directly address TOS after, yet again, doctors didn't want to address it); tension headaches; occasional mild dizziness; and, weirdest of all, brachioradial pruritis. MRI of neck spine has shown nothing majorly wrong with the bones, just the beginnings of a little fusion in one spot. Instead, all these issues seem to be about poor posture, tension, repetitive use injuries (like wielding a sledge hammer to do demolition work or painting the kitchen without taking a break), and the same occupational hazards suffered by most who have a desk job and forget to take breaks. Acupuncture has helped at times, sort of. That rare massage therapist who really listens was helping before she moved to Mexico. She not only provided symptom relief, but also educated me about tendinosis, muscle tension, and sticky facia. Sounds a little fru fru, but don't knock it! Some physical therapy has helped. A big help came from the following web site: I purchased their Neck Track and some balls of various sizes and densities. I've also gotten GREAT balls at the Dollar Store! I kept experimenting. I found videos for such things as ulnar nerve flossing and other weird stuff, a lot of which actually does help. One example: I have a sock into which I've inserted a WalMart regulation "soft ball" (it's not really soft), then another, smaller ball (that is really soft) that I purchased from deeprecovery. I stack them like a snowman, using the sock to keep them aligned, then I lay on my side on a floor mat and position the side of my neck such that it's resting on that smaller, softer ball. The bigger, harder ball elevates it so that it can reach my neck. Using the weight of my head to push my neck into the snowman, I can then massage those hard to reach areas on my neck and at the base of my skull. That's just one example. This is SUCH a long comment, but offered in the hope that it helps others, especially those in rural areas with limited access to medical providers. Mostly, just don't give up. Validating, educational posts like this from Caring Medical are SO helpful and encouraging. Hang in there!

  14. I don't live in your country. When I go looking for help here, what and who should I look for and what do I tell them I want? I have many symptoms including numbness and dull acne to one side of the flap at the back of my throat. Speech has noticeably requires an apparently more effort than it did year ago and I can't have a long or loud conversation. My voice breaks and I feel frustrated and silly.

  15. Sir I am having Tinnitus since 3 months. I have consulted 3-4 ENT’s, There are various view points- It is related to Cold n Cough, Nerve weakness, or Unknown reason. Even I have tried the prescribed medicines but no effects.
    Also, I was having Cervical issue/Muscles spasm issues few months back (from March to October 2021). When this issue got relieved then Tinnitus got started in November 2021 in LEFT EAR only.
    Since last few days, I am experiencing Tinnitus in Right ear as well and which ever side I sleep I feel different sound with varying intensity.
    Please help what I need to do and what is the root cause?

  16. I was taught the proper pronunciation of tinnitus by an audiologist is with accent on the first syllable — TIN uh tis — not tuh NIGH tus with accent on the second syllable. When you think about it, tinnitus is not an “itis” which is inflammation or enlargement.

  17. Shotgun shooting at 12 yrs, 67 now. Ears have rang, high pitch with some flux now and then, constantly. Was told I have conduction deafness back in the 70`s, have not seen a Dr bout hearing since. Always thought or taught it was irreversible nerve damage. Yeah or Neah?

  18. Good explanation! Something mechanical can be my root cause as well. Right after a month as Tinnitus appeared at right side, my neck is piched terribly. With some carefull streches now is OK, sos-so. No hurting pain at least. But it taken months. I have high pitch constant buzz at right side. but neck pinched at left side somewhere C3. It also experienced temporary pause in my Tinnitus in the firts copuple of weeks right afert boxing exercise. Shacking the head at each punch. So some mechanical problem, sure, with aging-I feell cracking at C1 as well in the last couple of year.

  19. I had a vertigo couple years ago, just hit me out of nowhere. Still today docs can't figure it out. Was told, it's gastritis later on I did find out I have stomach issues. It's vestibular migrane, it's neurogical. Or tmj.I did have really bad infection in my right ear also had drainage two months later vertigo hit me. Now I have tinnitus, sharp ear pain sometimes, i have to pinch my nose and blow, to open up my tubes, when I do sometimes it whistles. I dont uave fullness. I do hav e straight neck, and couple cervical vertebrae compressed. What should I do.

  20. Unfortunately most tinnitis is caused by loud noises ie constant loud music, work noise with out protectcion, guns, fireworks which destroy the hairs. ITs permanent and devastating. I wish for everyone suffering including myself for a cure one day. I have in my left ear. Someone threw a fireworks right at me. I have it slightly in right ear. Some people can be in a silent room and hear nothing. So Jealous I will never hear nothing, It will NEVER quiet for me and so many others. 🙁

  21. What kind of doctor should I visit for that ideally? I went to a few already but they seemed kind of lost and not really knowledgeable when it comes to Tinnitus.

  22. Thank you for this clear presentation! I only have mild tinnitus, but I have long believed that my Eustachian tube dysfunction and trigeminal nerve discomfort are caused by an old injury in the cervical region. Unfortunately, here in Ontario medical specialists (in any field) are hard to find and most of them have learnt nothing since completing med school. If you have ETD your physician will refer you to an ENT specialist who will probably tell you that ETD is not a problem, or at best will advise you to use an antihistamine. It seems amazing in this day and age that we don't have doctors here in Canada who understand that spinal injuries and instability can cause neurological issues, but that certainly seems to be the case, from my experience. I have given up hope of ever getting any sort of help with my Eustachian tube dysfunction.


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