Tinnitus Talk and Research: Hazel Goedhart

Hazel Goedhart

Hazel Goedhart is co-founder of Tinnitus Hub. She is also the co-founder of the Tinnitus Talk online support forum and podcast. She is a dedicated sustainability professional with over 15 years of experience. Following five years in the non-profit sector, she switched to the corporate sector and built a career in the Responsible Investment industry. She focused on environmental, social and governance research and data provision.

For the past nine years She has been working for Sustainalytics in various roles. The list goes: ESG analyst, client advisor, research manager, operational director, and now leading a client service team.

Her volunteer work for Tinnitus Hub gives her the opportunity to focus on another passion: improving the lives of people with tinnitus. As a tinnitus sufferer herself, her life has been severely affected by the condition. Her work for Tinnitus Hub allows her to turn this negative experience into something positive.