The NEW Resound Omnia Hearing Aid: The Phonak Lumity has Competition

On this video, HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop supplies an outline of the brand new ReSound Omnia receiver-in-canal listening to aids. From sturdy background noise elimination to strong Bluetooth connectivity, the Omnia is a critical contender in 2022.

*Full Evaluation Coming Quickly*

00:00 Intro
01:09 Resound Omnia Fashions Obtainable
01:48 Resound Omni in Background Noise
03:01 Bluetooth Options
04:00 Waterproofing
04:33 Why I am excited

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Matthew Allsop is the Video Content material Supervisor at He practices from his London-based observe, Harley Road Listening to. You will get in contact on relating to new content material concepts or to turn out to be a affected person.

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10 thoughts on “The NEW Resound Omnia Hearing Aid: The Phonak Lumity has Competition”

  1. What's up with Androids and having to hold the phone to my ear for the mic in phone calls? That's freakin' annoying. And why is Bluetooth connecting multi-step. Only one side connects then I have to turn on airplane mode and then turn it off or I have to restart my phone. Then to actually stream I have to use another phone to call my Android and click use Bluetooth in my phone app before any other streaming comes in the hearing aids. Not a happy camper with these Omnias.

  2. Hi there
    I am a brand new HA wearer, with mild/moderate hearing loss that started with the Oticon More, top level. Not my fave so fab audiologist had me try the Phonak Lumity, top tier. Really was liking them and we were tweaking some bugs as I was her first patient with them, when she asked me to try these ReSound Omnia, Level Nine. I think I might love these! But – I am paying the $6500 out of pocket and want the most bang for my buck, for as long as possible – at least five years with a set of hearing aids. Can you please give your opinion as to which of the two brands/styles of hearing aid would you recommend for the next five years? Thank you

  3. I have Resound Preza's from COSTCO and they are great with the iPhone; however, they really suck with background voices/noise. I will look forward to your actual review. Do you know if COSTCO will have a version of the Omnia, maybe under a different name? What is the retail cost of the Omnia?

  4. Really just a rehash of their marketing material. Matthew was about to say something interesting about the 150% improvement I believe? And no le audio. Looking forward to the actual review.

  5. Hi matthew…unrelated but I'm in the market to purchase a new set of hearing aids and wanted to know – in the paradise audeo rechargeable aids, is it possible to get the battery replaced after it dies (by sending it in for service) or do we need to purchase new aids at that point? This is something I don't see being covered much despite it being an important part of extending the life of a hearing aid!


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