Ted Venema Talks: Sudden Hearing loss

Dr. Ted Venema discusses the indicators and signs of sudden listening to loss and the significance of rapid therapy.


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  • Do you suspect that audiology will eventually gain more of a prominent position in regard to the treatment of sudden ssnhl?

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  • Good video. I lost my hearing on my right ear one morning 3 months ago. Out of blue.. I went to see an ENT doctor within 3 hours of the occurrence. I did take the steroid orally for 3 weeks. I did do the steroid injection to the cochlea while taking the steroid orally. They were all my very desperate attempts to get my hearing back.

    All failed to work. Now, after 3 months, my ENT says very likely that there is no hope going forward. She recommends Cochlear Implant.

  • I had this a few months back and with the covid19 stuff it's impossible to get in anywhere....Out of luck

  • I am a 24 yo man, 18th January i just woke up with incredibly high tinnitus, coudlnt hear well in my right ear, all day very dizzy, crazy. the worse day of my life!!
    Thankfully in the end, my hearing loss was not so vast. After 6000hz i go to 50 till 60 Db in my right ear... my left ear is going down to 30 till 40 in 8000 Hz. well that s the result of my last audiometry. i made some of them, the audition improved with time and i also took corticoid probably one week after it had happened.