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Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss.

This video needs to be watched by Audiologist, Otolaryngologists, Neurologists, Drugs specialists and Dental practitioners.
Sudden sensorinueral listening to loss is an otologic emergency.
It’s outlined as 30 dB listening to discount over no less than 3 frequencies occurring over a interval of 72 hours or much less.
There are a lot of causes of sudden sensorinueral listening to loss which embrace infections, circulatory and internal ear issues like meniere’s illness, neoplastic, traumatic, metabolic, poisonous and idiopathic.
Sadly,the aetiology of sudden sensorinueral listening to loss stays obscure typically.
The incidence of sudden sensorinueral listening to loss varies from 5-30 per 100000 individuals every year.
Males are equally affected as females. There are 4 main aetiopathogenetic theories of sudden sensorinueral listening to loss. They’re infections, vascular compromise, rupture of the membranous labyrinth and autoimmune dysfunction of the internal ear.


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  • Thanks for the video. I had complete right side SSHL 2 years ago. No idea why. Next day started steroid injections. No recovery at all sadly. Severe 24/7 tinnitus ever since. And that's that. Life is now an adjustment process which gets easier with time. Probably a story you hear a lot, Doctor.

  • These informations are very very helpful for us sir🙏....really very nice presentation