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Signia Styletto Connect Bluetooth Fashion Hearing Aid Review

Signia Styletto Join Bluetooth Trend Listening to Support Evaluation. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Anthem Arizona, critiques the New Signia Styletto Join.

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About 6 months in the past I reviewed the Signia Styletto listening to assist which, for my part, was the primary listening to assist worthy of being referred to as trendy. If you wish to see that video test it out right here:

The Unique Styletto listening to assist was designed to be a vogue machine on the Signia Nx platform, however to be able to create their signature modern design, they determined to sacrifice connectivity for model. The Nx Line of units are well-known for some distinctive options, however not being able to attach on to a smartphone for streaming was a big downfall for the Unique Styletto.

This is the reason the New Styletto Join is a gamechanger. With the power to now join and stream audio instantly from an iPhone, you do not have to selected between model and connectivity. You’ll be able to stream telephone calls, podcasts, and YouTube movies instantly into each ears and likewise make distant management changes to your listening to aids.

They’ve 3 completely different colour choices.

1. Black and Silver
2. White and Rose Gold
3. Navy and Rose Gold

On a aspect word, my mom talked about that if she wanted a listening to assist, she would selected the Styletto in White and Rose Gold. 😂

Connectivity and Model apart, let us take a look at a number of the different options of the Styletto Join.

1. Rechargeability – You’ll be able to obtain 19 hours of battery life in 3 hours of cost time. It comes with a charger case that holds extra prices in case you are touring or are caught on the workplace after hours.

2. Personal Voice Processing (OVP)- Getting used to your personal voice being amplified might be made extra tolerable utilizing OVP. This function acknowledges your voice and reduces the quantity of amplification given to your personal voice.

3. Telecare Prepared – The Styletto Join units might be remotely adjusted by your listening to care skilled. This implies which you can have changes made to your units from the consolation of your personal house.

4. Signia MyControl App – The app allows you to make quantity and program changes within your units. You too can inform the listening to assist microphones which route you need to decide sound up from. The app has an entire host of options you’ll be able to alter so be sure to take loads of time to discover all it has to supply.

As cool because the Styletto join listening to aids are, there are some things that bug me.

1. Battery Life – Whereas I really like rechargeability, you solely get 19 hours of battery life which is able to doubtless be lowered through the use of direct streaming.

2. They’ve a set receiver wire – Receiver wires are the weak hyperlink of a listening to assist. After they go unhealthy, they’re sometimes a straightforward repair. Nevertheless, these units haven’t got interchangeable wires and have to be despatched off for every week to Signia for restore as an alternative of simply having a easy in-office wire change.

3. No Push Button – Whereas a button was prevented as a consequence of beauty points, the one method to flip of your units is to put them again in to the charger. You can also’t pair your units to a brand new telephone as a result of Bluetooth paring mode is initiated by turning off/on the units.

4. No Telecoil – Telecoils dramatically enhance how properly you hear in background noise. However to be able to save house, there isn’t a telecoil.

Actual Ear Measurement:

Negatives apart, Signia took the right steps to creating the Styletto Join listening to assist a viable choice from a connectivity and efficiency standpoint. Whereas it does have some negatives, they had been all required to realize a trendy machine, and I for one, assume they did an incredible job!


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  • So the one additional benefit of these is the width of the unit. I have been taking steroids for a medical condition for 45 years. As a result, my ears are totally calcified. I simply can’t fit most units behind my ears. The width of these units is actually a godsend.

  • I have moderate loss mostly on high end, and have hard time understanding voices in crowds, and on TV when characters are in crowds. I have semi committed to these hearing aids - but wonder if the lack of telecoil should be a deal breaker for me?

  • Hi doctor, I think my hearing aid are not working properly. I bought them through Ebay and I already get them. But, when I use them, I have a problem with Bluetooth that is constantly disconnected, also I don't hear upper, I mean I think they are not doing its function to make me hear louder. Is there a way to know if my hearing aids are fake or doesn't work well?. I can be connected to the app of signia "Mycontrol" , but I don't know if all the hearing aid can connect to this app. Hope you can answer. I am worried :(

  • Hi, I already bought them! I think they are pretty nice! I have a question is need to use them with the app of Signia? or with the made for iphone is enough? thanks!

  • One of the negative points Dr. Cliff brought out was that, if the wire (the "receiver") had to be changed, the client would have to send their hearing aid back to the manufacturer and wait for it to come back to have this problem fixed. This is not true. If a client has a receiver problem, their clinician simply calls the manufacturer and they will overnight a replacement aid to the clinician so the client does not have to be without their Styletto Connect for very long. Once the replacement aid comes in, the clinician then sends the other aid back to the manufacturer at that time.

  • Hi doctor, great video. Is there any risk listen to music through hearing aid?. I actually need to use hearing aid for listening to music in a high level. I want to buy this hearing aid, but I am afraid when I listen to music, my hearing loss will be worse. Do you have any advice? or maybe I shouldn't listen to music with those.

  • Hi doctor, great video. Is there any risk listen to music through hearing aid?. I actually need to use hearing aid for listening to music in a high level. I want to buy this hearing aid, but I am afraid when I listen to music, my hearing loss will be worse. Do you have any advice? or maybe I shouldn't listen to music with those.

  • Got mine a week ago and whilst I love the style and being able to finally hear phone calls, I do have a few issues which might be good to add to the assessment:
    1. They do not transition well between devices. Although they are meant to move swiftly between iOS devices, moving from iPhone to iPad is a cumbersome process and not always successful- need to put them back in the charger, stop their pairing with the iPhone then take them out and re connect with iPad... for me being able to hear from multiple devices on the go was key and this is very disappointing
    2. The tubes are one size, so a bit too long for me (and I guess will be the same for most petit women). I can chose between having them sticking out a bit, or inserting the receiver too deep...
    3. Even in areas with perfect signal and no interference- they tend to lose phone calls every now and again (stop hearing the cal for a few seconds) not sure why this is happening as blue toothed and paired...
    I got them as they seemed perfect for my crazy travel and work style (meetings, calls, online meetings, conferences, big audience presentations, board room and show floor meetings and demos, receptions, meals with colleagues and customers etc). Always on the go and switching between situations and devices from one minute to the other. So far I can hear better with them than I could with my NHS ones, but as above- not on all situations and mainly not when I need to sleekly change from phone to bigger screen conferences and webinars, or just watch something on my iPad on a flight...