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Signia Augmented Xperience (AX) Detailed Hearing Aid Review

Signia Augmented Xperience (AX) Detailed Listening to Assist Evaluate. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, evaluations the New Signia AX listening to help platform to see how Twin Listening to Assist Processors may change the sport in terms of listening to your finest. The Signia AX platform consists of the Signia Pure Cost and Go AX, Signia Pure 312 AX, Signia Insio Cost & Go AX, & Signia Styletto AX Listening to Aids.

What are Finest Practices? :

*Edits: efficiency stage chart is proven that features 1AX-7AX. Within the US market, Pure Cost&Go T AX, Pure Cost&Go AX and Insio Cost&Go AX are at present obtainable at expertise ranges 7,5,3. Moreover, the quotation at 15:00 needs to be the identical because the quotation from 15:04. The info is from the identical research.


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  • Thanks for the great and thorough video, Doc. Quick question... Do we know if the Insio Charge & Go AX model will have the dual processing function as well? I'm a diehard ITE wearer but know that sometimes the smaller ITE models don't include all the features of the BTEs. Hoping to I.D. the best option for a full-featured ITE 'wearable' style hearing aid, so curious how this new one will compare. Thanks!

  • I am an audio technician. I am pretty devastated by my hearing loss. But I’m a fighter too. I really need to know the fine details of the hearing aide and I can’t find it anywhere! I want to know about the compression, the latency, the noise reduction, the limiting, and what the overall processing limitations are so I can compensate using my desk processing. Any direction you can point me in please?

  • It appears Signia are now referring to what they were calling dual processors to dual processing and no more mention of two different processors, What gives?

  • Thanks for the review on these hearing aids. I have never had hearing aids and I know I have to get a pair after seeing an audiologist, hearing aside I have mild to medium tinnitus and significant has notch therapy. Is this therapy better than other manufacturers that have a type of tinnitus therapy? Thanks for your help

  • I have Signia hearing aids that are almost 5 years old. I am frustrated when out to dinner with friends or in a crowd. My doctor recommends the new Signia hearing aids. I'm willing to wait a year or so if they will come out with even more improvements What is in the near future for Signia? Clarity and extraneous noise reduction are my major issues.

  • I have a problem with their help . They don't ask you what the problem is, but give you a list of problems. I got my hearing aids and the first week and to this day the left ear shuts down. I took them back and supposedly they sent them back for a new pair. I fight with them in the morning to bluetooth to my Note 20 ultra plus. Two hours later the left one shuts off. I have the rechargeable ones. I have to put them back in the case two to five times to get them to work. It's a crying shame when you get a phone call and only one ear peice works. I had better experience with ear buds with bluetooth. When they do work they are great. My suggestion is to try other companies products. All I get is the covid bullshit excuse. Don't buy this product.