Why is my ear ringing after loud noise?

Why is my ear ringing after loud noise? Very recently I’ve started hearing a chorus of ringing in my ears after most showers. As far as I know, this hasn’t been a normal thing prior to now.

The first time it happened I remember getting in the shower and the shower sounded so, so loud. Like it was uncomfortably loud. Nothing was different about the shower but the sound of the water hitting the ground just felt super noisy to me.

And then after I stepped out, I got the chorus of ringing. At one point, I even started hearing the shower running again faintly in the background (nobody was in the shower), but that went away, and hasn’t happened again.

Has this hyper-sensitivity to sounds ever happened to anybody else? I already know that I for sure have misophonia, but this wasn’t like that. Since then my showers have sounded perfectly normal in volume.

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Why is my ear ringing after loud noise?

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