Scientific Explanation of VNS Paired Stimulation for Tinnitus and Stroke Rehabilitation

MicroTransponder Inc. is a medical machine firm spun out from the College of Texas at Dallas in 2007. The Firm has an skilled staff of neuroengineers and clinicians collaborating with teachers to develop neurostimulation options to deal with neurological illnesses.


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  • Early intervention of Tinnitus using Dr. Gbenga herbal mixture cured me of neurological Tinnitus, am totally cured now.

  • I didn't hear any ringing. U probably have tinnitus. ;-)
    But hey that stuff he's been talking about sounds promising. I hope they'll be able to complete their work.

  • I'm deing from waiting for them to complete their work aurgh T-T I want my tinnitus to be gone and that's that :(

  • Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head.

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  • At 0:50: The signal that attention drives is the release of.....

    I cannot understand the next word! Anybody an idea?

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  • Yes, of course it is not going to work again. This approach is wrong. I wish I am wrong but I don't think I am. As he mentioned on the video it is a pathology. The brain extend itself creating new network of neurones which produce this disgusting noise. The only think to stop it, is to remove them but we all know that this is not possible. Even if they are removed the brain will rewire again as the cause is still there. And yes I have severe tinnitus on 35 years and no way they will find something which will give relief on my lifetime. The problems with tinnitus has never been taken seriously so no extensive studies have been done. There were a couple of low budget trials done but we would have been better without them. They first have to know the whole mechanism of how this tinnitus think work and after that target its different structures. And that could happen only with very serious research. But of course no one will invest money in tinnitus research.