Can an audiologist stop tinnitus?

Can an audiologist stop tinnitus?

Can an audiologist stop tinnitus? Sound Therapy is based on some principles called Tinnitus retraining therapy or TRT and Tinnitus retraining therapy was developed by a neurophysiologist who really took an interest in Tinnitus and said, “If this is occurring in the brain how can we get to that part of the brain and realign it, rewire it?”

Through the use of sound we stimulate the damaged part of the ear, the damaged part of the nerve, the damaged part of the brain and replace the missing information with a soothing sound and that is what’s so key with sound therapy; we have to use a soothing signal that the patient enjoys listening to so that we’re replacing this annoying sound of Tinnitus with something much more soothing, calming and can really help relax a person.

Allow a person to maybe be able to meditate, go to sleep better, fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly and enjoy those quite activities again like reading or a quite hobby. So sound therapy is something that has to be tailored to each person, each individual ear, it’s a complex algorithm really of figuring out where is the Tinnitus pitch?

Tinnitus loudness match

Where is the Tinnitus loudness match, how can we kind of stimulate that damaged part of the ear, the nerve, or the auditory cortex of the brain and so by using sound therapy every day a patient is going to be listening to something similar to music but it’s a neutral calming, soothing type of sound.

Think of maybe the sound you would hear in a yoga studio or instrumental type music and that’s programmed to a specific pitch range of a person’s Tinnitus. So by listening to that a few hours every day we’re going to have relief by listening to the sound therapy and then long term we’ll see less and less Tinnitus over time when not using the sound therapy and that is really the whole goal.

To get someone to a point where they no longer have to rely on the sound that is replacing their Tinnitus. Dr. Sarah Pitrone sees patients at Sound Relief Tinnitus and Hearing Center in Mesa, AZ.

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