Resound One Hearing Aid in 2020 : Patient Reviews and Hearing Aid Overview

The Resound One Listening to Help was launched in September 2020 and has modified the best way the listening to trade brings in sound. Learn the way the Resound One is the largest technological leap within the listening to trade, study affected person evaluations, and study in regards to the introduction of the MARIE speaker, All Entry Directionality, and Extremely Focus.

For these contemplating new listening to expertise, Resound One is a high contender for speech readability, speech understanding, and probably the most superior noise management options.

If in case you have questions relating to the Resound One, or listening to healthcare on the whole, please remark under. Our workforce members are glad to assist! If you need to schedule a sound demonstration, contact our workplace in Houston and Lake Jackson, Texas at


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  • If I have custom silicone ear molds will the M&RIE device work with the molds? Will the setup require real ear measurements?

  • Had mine about 2 months. TV is terrible, can’t drop in at Costco without appointment. No longer driving, so am dependent on someone that may be going there? Appears help not available to me

  • Hi it’s Eddie. I got my real ear adjustment and that made some improvements. I need to make a couple more adjustments and maybe we’ll be good for a while. One problem goes unresolved. My wax guards are recessed in the ear molds and I have to remove to molds to replace the wax guards. Should I insist we resolve this issue?

  • Any idea if these will work with a stethoscope or will the stethoscope ear tips cause the M&rie to have too much feedback?

  • Very good - thank-you - however, despite being a techie, I have problems fully understanding the audio graph at your 3:25 position of this video - the top view of a human head has 2 ears so wondering what the graph would like like showing both ears listening together - what would the sounds graphs look like for each ear, knowing that the final result is our brain combining the quality of audio from both L & R ear - I currently wear Resounds behind-the-ear model from 2+ years ago - battery powered - and currently searching for a rechargeable set - and soon to purchase

  • Oh how I wish you were near!!! I recently won the Resound 'Gift of Hearing' contest which included a pair of the the top of the line resound hearing aids. But guess what, the audiologist office keeps putting me in with a young lady who knows nothing about hearing aids or how to program them, so my top of the line hearing aids sound like absolute garbage!!! And the manufacture is ZERO help!!! Can you remote assist with me, will be glad to pay for your services? My audiologist office will not remote assist with me and they are over an hour away. I keep having to ask my younger sister to take time away from her job to haul me back to the audiologist office. 3 trips now and can NOT get anything resolved. We just sit there in the office while she tries to "Google search" and piddle on the computer, Talk about bad luck!

  • I have a Jabra Enhance Pro with the M&RIE feature and it works exceedingly well. The six microphones in the M&RIE hearing aid and their placement allow much better beamforming than a hearing aid with 4 microphones. The iPhone app for the Jabra looks identical to that used by the Resound One M&RIE hearing aid. Both are made by GN. Are there any real differences between the Jabra Enahnce Pro M&RIE and the Resound One M&RIE hearing aids?