Pitch Perfect: Pianist Overcomes Sudden Hearing Loss with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy | NKCH

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Idiopathic sudden sensorineural listening to loss, or sudden listening to loss, is taken into account a medical emergency. It requires speedy therapy to regain any stage of listening to. When Chris Madden, an assistant professor of piano pedagogy on the College of Missouri-Kansas Metropolis Conservatory, out of the blue misplaced the listening to in his left ear, an ear physician prescribed oral steroids and a sequence of steroid ear injections. Chris was additionally accredited for hyperbaric oxygen remedy, or HBOT.


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  1. I got oral steroids and injections right away. After 3 weeks, it got worse not better. Only then did my doctor refer me to hyperbaric for 20x 2 hour sessions (5 days a week). I’m on treatment 15. No improvement and now my eye sight is worse. They say the vision issue should resolve in 6 weeks after I stop treatments. I wish I started the hyperbaric therapy immediately upon the onset of my hearing loss. I still have 5 treatments left but am already scheduled for a BAHA consultation with almost no hope of recovery.

  2. Sadly, when I suddenly lost my hearing in my left ear in 2008 I couldn't convince my ENT to approve hyperbaric chamber. I did all of the other treatments and ended up with a BAHA hearing implant. To this day, I become quite sad about losing my hearing. Now, I am losing my hearing in my right ear. I lost my hearing suddenly in my left so I was surprised to learn I was losing significant hearing (but not suddenly) in my "Good" ear. I really wish I had been able to try this therapy — now I am probably a short time away from needing a full Cochlear implant.


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