Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aid Review: Best Invisible Hearing Aid

Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aid Review. Phonak’s new Virto Paradise (Virto P) is the newest addition to the corporate’s customized in-the-ear vary of listening to aids—the extra discreet counterpart of Phonak’s well-liked Audéo and Naída Paradise receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE) merchandise.

Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aid Review

On this video, HearingTracker audiologist Mathew Allsop opinions the options and advantages of every of the 4 merchandise within the Virto line, starting from the tiny Virto P-Titanium to the wireless-capable Virto P-312 ITE. Watch the entire video as Matthew gives his views about:

— The distinctive and sturdy Virto-P Titanium invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) shell;
— Advantages of Phonak’s new PRISM chip and its AutoSense OS 4.0 options for listening consolation and higher speech understanding in noise;
— The expertise ranges of the Virto P line, and wi-fi advantages of the Virto P-312 ITE mannequin that features made-for-all Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free calling;
— How you need to use the MyPhonak App to regulate listening settings within the P-312 mannequin, in addition to how the Distant Assist characteristic permits your listening to care skilled to regulate this listening to assist on-line.

Matthew additionally gives the professionals and cons of the Virto line, and particulars why he likes wi-fi connectivity—which is often not a characteristic of most ITE listening to aids. Nonetheless, he says that in case you’re in search of a small discreet ITE listening to assist, then the Phonak Virto P is without doubt one of the finest choices obtainable.

00:00 Intro
00:58 Virto Paradise vs Marvel
01:26 Virto Paradise Fashions
02:00 What’s the Virto Paradise Titanium?
03:00 Virto Paradise Colours
03:10 Virto Paradise Know-how Ranges
03:21 Virto Paradise Becoming Vary
03:58 Phonak PRISM chip
04:20 Phonak Virto Bluetooth
06:55 Autosense 4.0
07:23 Speech Enhancer
07:45 APD 2.0
08:01 Dynamic Noise Cancellation
08:20 MyPhonak App Evaluate
09:44 Phonak Distant Assist
10:41 Appropriate Phonak Equipment
11:08 Ought to You Purchase The Phonak Virto Paradise

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Matthew Allsop is the Video Content material Supervisor at He practices from his London-based observe, Harley Road Listening to. You may get in contact on relating to new content material concepts or to develop into a affected person.

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12 thoughts on “Phonak Virto Paradise Hearing Aid Review: Best Invisible Hearing Aid”

  1. I am so confused on all the different features and benefits of the Phonak Virto Paradise. The company web site is very confusing and worthless. In one of your videos you showed some charts that describe what each model has (and does not have) bue I cannot find these charts. Can you tell me where they are located. ALSO …. let me cut to the chase … I want 1)the smallest or most invisable "in the ear" version; 2) Bluetooth / wireless technology; 3) the ability to control the HA with the Phonak Ap and the best directional hearing options. WHICH ONE IS THE BEST ?????? Appreciate your excellent videos. Would also like some idea of how much the Virto Paradise will cost – I am currently doing a trial of an Oticon but do not like it and want something else. Thankks for your help. Josie Nurse

  2. What is the average battery life on these? I use the older Virto Q50s and the 312 battery lasts for 5 days at most. What can I realistically expect with Virto Paradise on the same battery considering streaming and bluetooth will eat into it?

  3. I bought virto m70 and I do not confirm it is invisible. It is not. It is huge actually. Only a bit smaller than my 13 year old widex hearing aid. And it does not support any bluetooth apps!!!

  4. Great video. I don't know if anyone commented on wearing a mask and a receiver in the canal hearing aid. I got so tired of wrestling and pulling the hearing aids out of my ears. And then of course you have the reading glasses thing. Anyway I bought one of the smallest and 1 of the largest and I use them in different situations and and I absolutely love them. I got the titanium and the virtual black in the P90 version. I bought them online to save money And I paid out a cart with an audiologist to do really measurement and really your measurement and of course to take the molds before I place the order. I got 2 fantastic products for the price of 1. Very happy. Great video. Thank you for that.

  5. Will consider these next January when my Lyric subscription ends. I like the lyrics but the decibel range doesn't cover all the way to 0 like the Virto Paradise does. I hope the P90 NWO is as discreet and invisible as the Lyric.

  6. Totally AGREE! I've had my Virto P-90 312 aids for a month, and was in to the audi last week with diary in hand, for a "tune-up" using the notes I had collected over three weeks of use. WOW! These things are GREAT!!! I wear them every day, all day long, and stream a radio show from my iPhone from 4 AM to 9 AM while still in bed. This is a dream come true! Everything sounds so NATURAL! Far and away better than my previous Phonak Paradise RIC aids. Same technology, but it's like not wearing aids at all, except that now I can HEAR! Added benefits: Now I can wear a face mask without it becoming a SLING-SHOT with my hearing aids, and these don't interfere with my glasses either. I'll never go back to RIC aids again. I'm glad that these are NOT rechargeable, because batteries can only be recharged a limited number of times (cycles) before they lose the ability to charge properly, and there's no way to replace rechargeable batteries. So now, all I have to do is keep feeding my aids new batteries every four days. Beats replacing the entire pair of aids every few years(!)

  7. Thanks for this video. I have a general question… I listen to music on Bose QC earbuds and Apple AirPod Pros. I also have Sennheiser Momentum 3's. I am going to be wanting my new HAs to stream music at a high quality of sound. Do you know if hearing aids like the Insio AX7 can have as good of a sound as the best rated Truly Wireless Earbuds? Second question is, can you use an overear headphone like a Bose QC with these hearing aids?

  8. Another useful video, thank you. It’s good to see that Phonak have now allowed the audiologist to configure a persistent program following a phone alert that triggers a BT streaming event. The previous requirement to disable alerts on the phone to avoid this was very restrictive as sometimes the user will want their program to remain in operation rather than resetting to autosense mode

  9. Great video. I am trialing the 312-P right now. I have been a BTE RIC wearer for years. I wanted a change not for cosmetic reasons but because I was tired of the noise and hassle from wearing glasses with BTEs, as well as the delicate wires. Everything you say in this review is spot on. Great wireless and streaming capabilities. The app is famously slow to connect each time it is opened. I do use the app to make some adjustments. I’m not yet thrilled with the sound quality. As a musician I’m sensitive to the sound of my own voice and the Virtos add a bit of digital halo or echo on my voice- especially if I’m humming, singing or whistling. My audiologist is working with me to tune them. They’re more powerful and have stronger feedback controls than my Resounds. That is a good and bad thing. False positives with feedback controls happen a lot when playing music (I play the trumpet). Turning feedback control down causes, well, you guessed it, more feedback. It’s a balancing act. To me the Resounds sounded more natural and less “digital”, while the Phonak Virto 312s have a other advantages.


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