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Phonak Paradise vs. Oticon More Hearing Aid Comparison

Phonak Paradise vs. Oticon More Hearing Aid Comparison

Phonak Paradise vs. Oticon Extra Listening to Assist Comparability…Which one is BEST? Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, compares the professionals and cons of the Phonak Paradise and Oticon Extra strains of listening to aids.


Phonak Audeo Paradise Evaluate Video:
Oticon Extra Evaluate Video:
Phonak ActiveVent Video:
Listening to Assist Greatest Practices Video:

UPDATE: Phonak has launched a brand new product, the Phonak Lumity. Study extra at



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  • It has been 7 months since the VA audiologist ordered the Oticon More 1 rechargeable. I did not realize what I have been missing. The audiologist paired it with my iPhone and they work well. The audiologist told me to stop by anytime that I am in the VA hospital, and he cleans them, puts on new ear cups and checks the settings to make sure that they conform to my programmed settings. This past Friday, he was able to check my settings via the VA health app, while was out shopping. I was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss, and the Oticon More 1, is great. The audiologist ordered them with an extension that loops around my outer ear canal, to prevent the Oticon from being ripped out of my ears when I take off my mask. It has saved the Oticon numerous times from falling to the floor and perhaps damaging them. Based on my own experience, I highly recommend the Oticon More 1, and praise my VA audiologist for great service. I have spoken to other veterans at our VA hospital and they are very satisfied with the care given to us by our audiologist. He has been at the VA hospital for 33 years, and he told me that he takes great pride in helping his fellow veterans.

  • Thanks for mentioning that I need to charge my hearing aid for 3 hours. I was wondering as the right one didn't charge overnight ... oops ... so I'm charging it now.

  • Hi Dr Cliff.
    I am a subscriber and have learned so much from your videos over the last year. I watched this video and decided to try the Oticon RITE R Elite instead of the Phonak Paradise Life. I was due for new aids to replace my Phonak Audeo Marvel 90s which have worked well and are my fourth set of Phonak hearing aids. I was interested in the Oticon because of the MFi enhancements to the Bluetooth interface with my 2017 iPhone SE.
    I am on a two week trial with the Oticons and find the actual hearing, while different to the Marvels, is also better in a crisper, clearer way. The phone conversations and streaming on my iPhone are as advertised and I will spend more time evaluating the Live Listen function that wasn't available with the Phonak. The Oticon app also works OK but will take more getting used to.
    The bad news is that the Oticon aids will not pair with my 2017 Macbook 12' Retina running MacOS 10.15.7. This device uses Bluetooth 4.2 that claims to support LE looking at the System Hardware Bluetooth Report..
    The Phonaks worked just fine on the iPhone using Bluetooth LE for interacting with the myPhonak app and Bluetooth Classic for streaming audio. Turning Bluetooth off on the iPhone I am able to pair with the Macbook for audio streaming with no difficulty.
    People on Apple's discussion groups tell me the Macbook doesn't use LE so won't pair with the Oticon which only uses LE for both app control and streaming.
    It seems odd to me that an Apple phone would have LE plus Classic functions that can each operate independently or at the same time (ie the app can be used to control some aspects of the streaming) yet the much more sophisticated Macbook of the same generation cannot do LE at all.
    Have you ever run across an issue like this seeming incompatibility of Macbook with Oticon Bluetooth?
    Thanks for all of your excellent work.

  • Excellent video as always. There is always something new for hearing aid wearers to learn about the various manufacturers technologies but today my take away was that there are 2 types of Bluetooth connection possible - Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth low energy ASHA.
    I have an android phone, its a Samsung galaxy s9+ and although its on my Resound Linx Quattro connectivity list it no longer streams audio reliably via the ASHA Bluetooth le connection. Resound have an announcement on their website telling potential buyers that their ASHA devices no longer connect reliably with Android 12 devices but my device is an Android version 10 and I've read about Android 11 users experiencing the ASHA bluetooth connectivity problem.
    Could you do a video specifically on the bluetooth ASHA problem and ways to overcome it? In addition a list of manufacturers that use the bluetooth classic protocol would be amazingly valuable resource for hearing aid users I believe.

  • Dr. Cliff, thank you for a very informative video. Can I please check as I am unclear about the difference between top level Phonak and Oticon in terms of automatically adjusting to the environment. I understand that Phonak will automatically adjust when entering a different listening environment. Does a top level Oticon HA also adjust automatically or do you have to manually choose a different listening program? I appreicate your feedback, thank you

  • My rechargeable Phonak Paradise Audeo are awesome. They connect to anything. I can tap my ear and answer phone calls, scratch my ear to accidentally hang up on people. I'm listening to this video with them. I've had them for at least 18mo. They still charge up and last all day. I've gotten them wet in the shower probably 20 times, briefly, and they still work. The only problem for me, and I assume all hearing aid wearers it hearing speech with noise/music, etc in the background like at a restaurant.

  • Paradise has the better assistive devices range but I hear so, so much better with ‘just’ the Mores. No comparison.

  • I found phonak always clearer and better for discrimination of sounds. Can you please explain to me why? Thank you for your good videos

  • I've been using hearing aids for the past 60 years, and a pair of Siemens Lotus 12SP models for the past 5 years. The Lotus 12SP, while far less expensive, outperformed the Phonaks I had been using prior to them. Now I'm looking to purchase two new BTE aids and do NOT want to programmable digital kind. I've tried them and I don't like a program deciding what I hear and what to clip. Leave that to me. My hearing is in the severe to profound loss range. Can you suggest anything that doesn't cost thousands that is comparable to the Lotus 12SP?