Phonak iPhone Bluetooth Connection: Comprehensive Guide

Phonak iPhone Bluetooth Connection

Phonak iPhone Bluetooth Connection by Dr. Bryce Altus from Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona reveals you the way to troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity utilizing an iPhone with the Phonak Marvel and Phonak Paradise Listening to Aids!

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11 thoughts on “Phonak iPhone Bluetooth Connection: Comprehensive Guide”

  1. Tanks so much: I just upgraded my iphone from a 7+ to a 14 after up dating and I lost some of the features . I followed your directions and now my Phonak are working fine again. So Thanks so much. Jack😀😀

  2. Здравствуйте. Что делать когда потоковое аудио при звучании плавает, громче тише, сделал все рекомендации Ваши и производителя ничего не изменилось. Звучание постоянно меняеться громче тише.

  3. My dad was complaining about his hearing aids not working. I looked for a video to do a "CTRL-ALT-Delete" of his hearing aids. This video was informative, very easy to follow, and worked perfectly. His hearing aids are working as advertised and the connection to the phone is working for the first time since his initial pairing.

  4. I liked the video just fine. Worked good. Then I turned the Ipad Bluetooth off so I could pair my IPhone. Once again, I got the desired results. Then I turned the Bluetooth off on my phone so I could go back to the Ipad. I turned Bluetooth back on on the Ipad but no sound to my hearing aids. I went into the Bluetooth section of phone settings. There I saw 3 devices under other devices- LE left hearing aid-disconnected, LE Right hearing aid-disconnected, and R Phonac discontinued. I touched the “disconnected button” on LE right and got “connected “ then went to LE left got “connected” in short moment both went back to “Disconnected “. I then touched R Phonac and it showed “connected” . I then went to My Phonac app and had it search for the aids. They were found and paired ok. Finally, my question is “What is the proper procedure for switching from one device to the other with the least amount of steps to re pair each time. Thank you.


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