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Oticon On App | How to use with your Oticon More Hearing Aids! | Applied Hearing Solutions

Oticon On App | The way to use along with your Oticon Extra Listening to Aids! Dr. Bryce Altus at Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona exhibits you find out how to use the Oticon On App along with your Oticon Extra Listening to Aids!

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Utilized Listening to Options
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  • Though both of my Oticon hearing aids are connected to my android phone only my right is picking up sound from my phone, example when on a call. How can I assure both aids are equally receiving sounds from my phone during calls or listening to Spotify? This is a recent issue and I am unable to fix it. Thank you.

  • I don’t notice any more improvement when using the sound boost is there a required turning this feature on by pre setting it by your audiologist or is it a simple on and of functionality.

  • How do you know if the sound boost is working on general 1 position I turn it on but don’t notice any boost like more sound

  • My rt ear is90_100_decibal_now_Tellme suitable Bte or any useful technology_and tellme the how much price?__thank u

  • Great video- I connected the connect clip to my Oticon More HA in record time because of your great video. Thank you. I understand that the TV Adapter for Oticon is on back order. Is there a way to connect a TV with Bluetooth to the Connect Clip so I good stream the TV into my hearing aids?