Olive Pro 2 in 1 Hearing Aids and Bluetooth Earbuds

Olive Pro 2 in 1 Hearing Aids. Olive Professional is an FDA-registered listening to assist (class II medical machine), which is being bought on to customers over the web. However, is it even price $299? Does it assist with listening to loss? Audiologist Matthew Allsop evaluations the product and offers some a lot wanted professional perception.

Olive Pro 2 in 1 Hearing Aids

00:00 – Intro
01:17 – Unboxing and equipment
02:33 – Tech Specs
04:17 – Inbuilt listening to check
06:40 – App options
08:33 – Music replica
09:05 – Are they price it?

We cowl listening to and wellness tech that will help you hear and talk your finest. With upcoming rules on over-the-counter listening to aids, customers are fascinated with all of their listening to expertise choices. In case you have any questions ensure you remark under and I’ll remember to get again to you.

For my unboxing video head over to: https://youtu.be/y-owiDFS8jM

Matthew Allsop is the video content material producer and supervisor at Hearingtracker.com. He practices from his London primarily based apply, Harley Avenue Listening to. You will get in contact on matthew@hearingtracker.com concerning new content material concepts or to change into a affected person.

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10 thoughts on “Olive Pro 2 in 1 Hearing Aids and Bluetooth Earbuds”

  1. How complicated is your Tinnitus condition, mine was very complicated, terrible and uncomfortable. I used so many meds but nothing happened but instead the pain increases. Just 2 weeks of using Doctor Madida Tinnitus herbal medicine all my disturbing noise and pain stopped, I went to hospital to be very sure that it is gone and my Medical doc confirm it that everything appear goods now and me I don’t longer feels the symptoms of Tinnitus for so many weeks now. Truthfully speaking I am so glad that all this are all gone and over because this tinnitus situation almost ruin my entire life

  2. I'm currently in the fact finding stage at the moment – I have NHS phonak's which have to me worse audio than the 1980's army HF radios which got me into this mess in the first place and I managed two days of wearing them so I'm looking at these or the nuheara's as a viable alternative – any thoughts please?

  3. Have had these for a few months now and they are completely useless as hearing aids. I have tried them in all kinds of situation and they provide little to no aid. I have tried endless combinations in the settings etc and ultimately they are completely useless! In fact I would say that in fact they make my hearing worse to the point that I have to turn volumes up louder when I have then in than I do with out them!!! Don’t waste your money!!! Not even that great as ear buds! Extremely disappointed to say the least👎🏻👎🏻two thumbs down!

  4. I am quite confused about what should I get for my father, I live in India & its is really confusing because the price range is like 10,000 rs to 10,00,000 rs (INR), talking to professionals here feels like talking to a salesman. They ask you to go for the best which is costly obviously but can not judge what is suitable for my dad or what will fulfill the need.


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