Olive Pro Earbuds Review: Don’t Waste your Money

Olive Pro Earbuds Review

Olive Pro Earbuds Review. I’ve reviewed the Olive Professional Earbuds, that are billed as a $200 different to $4000 listening to aids..

0:00 Introduction
0:24 The issue with listening to loss
1:48 Olive listening to check
3:59 Listening to aids, vs Flare Ear HD vs Olive Professional the significance of measurement and look
6:05 Listening to aids, vs Flare Ear HD vs Olive Professional TV check
8:59 Olive Professional vs Sony WF1000 earbuds for listening to music
9:31 Conclusion … and the eureka second!

I’ve not been paid, bribed or in any other case coerced into recommending any merchandise on this movie, and the onions expressed are totally my very own.

Olive Professional: https://us.oliveunion.com/merchandise/olive-pro
Beyer Dynamic Noise Cancelling Headphones: https://europe.beyerdynamic.com/lagoon-anc-explorer.html
Sony WF 1000: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/truly-wireless/wf-1000xm3

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15 thoughts on “Olive Pro Earbuds Review: Don’t Waste your Money”

  1. You are comparing a medical device to a non medical hearing amplifier. The issue is really how the devices are marketed, they really should not be using the term 'hearing aid' unless they can be programmed to your own specific hearing loss.

  2. I was recently told I’ve got mild hearing loss and got some nhs units. They’re okay but I didn’t want anything on show and as they’re behind the ear units they interfere with glasses. Made an appointment at Boots and ended up getting some Phonak Virto Titanium invisible (P90) in the canal hearing aids. They fit so far in your ears that they really are invisible and they work great. The sound handling is far better than the nhs ones. Not cheap at 3k but you should check them out. 👍

  3. Thanks for a real honest review. I would love it if you could review Apple AirPod Pro as well. In Australia, where I live, you can return Apple products for a full refund within 14 days, so if that was available to you too, then you could buy one to try, then return them for a full refund. I ended up keeping the AirPod Pro, but I don't have "proper" hearing aids to compare them to.

  4. I'm an NHS hearing aid wearer, there's a new Olive hearing aid which will ship in November. I've put my money down so I'll see what happens. One thing you didn't talk about was how the ear buds are with phone calls. When I'm on the mobile I find a quiet place, have the phone on speaker and usually talk to loud (according to my wife). Even if the new ones are the same as yours, they have to work on the phone, don't they?


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