Best Hearing Aid for Background Noise

Best Hearing Aid for Background Noise. Phonak’s massive launch day is upon us. On this video, HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop offers an outline of the important thing variations between the Phonak Paradise and Phonak’s model new Lumity product.

00:00 Intro
01:53 Phonak Audéo Lumity Fashions
02:45 Phonak Audéo Lumity Chargers
03:00 Phonak Audéo Lumity Updates
04:15 What’s StereoZoom 2.0?
05:47 What’s Phonak SpeechSensor?
06:48 When will the Phonak Lumity be Launched?

*Since this video has been uploaded Phonak has been in contact saying that they don’t seem to be planning on releasing a battery model of the Lumity household. Particulars of which I’ll launch in my full Lumity evaluate.

Lumity particulars:
Listening to support advice device:
Client choice information:

Matthew Allsop is the Video Content material Supervisor at He practices from his London-based observe, Harley Avenue Listening to. You may get in contact on concerning new content material concepts or to develop into a affected person.

Best Hearing Aid for Background Noise

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  1. I live in Canada and have been using the Lumity R 70. Just over $4000 for a pair. Battery life is ok not perfect but ok. Speech in noisy background not as good as advertised. That could be due to not having real ear measurement done. Overall I am impressed but what do I know this is my first pair of hearing aids so it’s all new to me.

  2. Hi I hope you can advise me on Phonak Hearing aids P90?
    I am a 1st timer with having to have to wear hearing aids, I am due to have after visiting Boots the phonak P90 but with the cost of £3300 I need to make sure I am making the right choice?
    I wanted to make sure that with technology changes that I am getting a high quality product and not waste my hard earned money.
    My hearing is loss in both ears which at the age of 56 apparently its wear and tear, so I struggle with conversations especially in noisy environments.
    Any advice I would really appreciate, many thanks in advance for any advice. Stuart.

  3. Wow, now you have to bring ANOTHER charger with you when you travel. Also, should they die you have to wait to charge them. Such a deal.

    Note to phonak and all the others, batteries are more convenient. They last a WEEK!!
    Should they die I can swap the battery in about 5 seconds and it is FULLY charged again for another WEEK!!

    Just because something seems cool does NOT mean it is.

    So, a sincere message to your engineers and marketing team: F.O.A.D.


  5. I have a set of these to replace a set of Audio Life's that had bluetooth problems.
    Sure the sound from them seems good. But Bluetooth problems persist.
    Walk out of range of your phone (go into your garden or something) and bluetooth disconnects, walk back in range and it doesn't reconnect.
    Happens 100% of the time, and my audiologist advises it's happening with 100% of the recent phonic aids they are fitting.
    So annoying.

  6. I ordered a pair of the Lumity RT hearing aids today through my Audiologist to replace my current Widex 440 Beyond hearing aids. I'm anxious and excited to experience the expected improvement in better speech understanding.
    They're scheduled to arrive on September 29, 2022.

  7. Sound great, i am at moment getting ready to get fitted for hearing aids, i have tinnitus and hearing loss in high frequency, i was going for paradise 90, would it be better to wait for this hearing aid.

  8. Come on Phonak time to move to Bluetooth 5 and give us aptX. How can a device be marketed as advanced when its using an 8 year old Bluetooth standard that has lower range, increased power consumption and higher latency than its modern replacement?

  9. I have the new(er) Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids and I have to say that I let myslelf get sucked in by the fitness tracking hype. I'm not walking more, even though I have the ability to track it. If I had it to do over again I would have the Oticon More 1s that I tested at the same time as the Starkeys. Maybe next time I'll go back to Phonaks. Thanks Matthew, that was informative.

  10. I work in a noisy environment. Understanding in that environment is difficult. Also living in the southeast we have humidity, sweat and rain to deal with. I will definitely be interested in the waterproof Lumity.

  11. I'd like to hear more details on why this warrants a new hearing aid. It sounds like it could/should be all be software deployable to the hearing aids already out there with the latest chipset

  12. Honestly, I have tried phonak paradise as well as signia 7AX. Signia is SO MUCH better, I just don’t understand how there is such big difference, especially in bluetooth features. And then speech. I just don’t get it why everyone is obsessed with Phonak.

  13. I had the paradise for awile. I had problems with massive volume loss at the begiining of each streaming start, after 30 sec volume return to normal. Does the new version fixed that problem?

  14. these seem underwhelming as usual. Phonak is usually behind on tech. Beta test things on Unitron first sometimes, as not to defame Phonak brand incase it doesnt work out.

    Signia AX still seems like the current best, sound quality available.

  15. Why do Rechargeable HA's seems to be fokus? It can give people, with long days, some serious problems! With some 16 to 18 hours up time, i fear the RT's can't stand the demand…

  16. It sounds like the speech sensor is another iteration of the motion sensor? Except, the client doesn’t need to be walking in order for the speech sensor to kick into effect to widen the beamformer? Correct me if im wrong

  17. Thank you for putting this together. A 16% improvement in understanding at first glance, looks disappointing. On the other hand, there have been incremental improvements since Venture, Marvel and then Paradise, so this is evidence of further improvement and has to be welcome.

  18. Thank you so much for the update. I have my annual hearing test this month so it's good going into that better informed.

    The focus on speech in noise is what I care about most. I'm glad to hear that Phonak are concentrating on this. To be honest I don't want health tracking in my hearing aids – I doubt many people do. There are already other devices for that.

  19. Great more Phonaks stuffs maybe 🤔 next time Phonaks Audeo can balance my checkbook and getting my another new hearing Aides for FREE 🆓 ‼️ Maybe 🤔 . I'm still waiting for my new waterproof Audio Life hearing Aides this coming week . I already have been watching videos and waiting for new hearing Aides since I first " HEARD," of Phonaks Audeo Life Waterproof hearing Aides last year fall ? . It Soo much smaller than my old Phonaks Audeo Milo Plus hearing Aides .

  20. New features sound great but very disappointed that they're not releasing a battery operated version. While I appreciate all the benefits of rechargeables, they cause too many problems for me AND they require a larger casing. These RICs are just too big for me. If Phonak offered a battery operated model with a slimmer profile, I might be an early adopter, but as is, I'll have to pass.

  21. Great news! But I have just ordered the Audeo Life which I am looking forward to despite their being no loop availability on it. No big deal as I have Roger to use with group situations. But now this new hearing aid lands and makes my new Life hearing aids seem out of date!!

    My beef is that with buying hearing aids privately not everyone can afford to keep upgrading to keep up with the rapidly changing technology!

    So can’t hearing aid manufactures offer a trade in scheme like one can do with mobile phones?

    Exciting times though as we are witnessing an explosive growth in hearing aid technology. Makes you wonder what the next five years will bring!


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