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NEW Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid Review | The BEST Hearing Aid of 2022?

Phonak just lately expanded the Audéo Paradise vary of Bluetooth listening to aids to incorporate the brand new “waterproof” Audeo Paradise Life RIC mannequin, a brand new CROS Paradise, and an clever computerized occlusion-control system—dubbed ActiveVent. With the expanded vary, Audéo Paradise is shaping as much as be one of many highest listening to aids of 2021.

Watch right now’s Phonak Paradise listening to help evaluate video for a full overview of the expanded product vary, and to search out out in case you ought to contemplate Paradise when buying new listening to help expertise.

Phonak overview:

The Paradise listening to aids are suitable with Phonak Roger, ActiveVent receivers (new listening to help venting system), the myPhonak app and extra.

Beneficial video: The advantages of Bluetooth listening to aids:

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  • Got the Paradise HAs about a week ago…clarity is noticeably improved. They are loud, esp base…enough different from Marvels that am thinking of trying open domes again….need time to schedule a visit to redo REM with open domes. Loving the improved bluetooth capabilities.

  • Very informative, thank you. I am having these fitted in 2 weeks so good to hear about some of the technology and features

  • I'm in trial period on the paradise p50 RT and I have a question. I have a option to move up to the p70s for $500 extra, no option on the p90s. do you think the upgrade to the p70s would be worth the upgrade for the added features.

  • Thank you for your very detailed and informative review. It was really helpful. I’m currently wearing widex unique 220 aids which I’ve had for 6 years now and served me very well. But I,m going to upgrade them in the next few weeks. The phonak paradise life with the new active vent receiver look amazing and are top of my list. I especially like the Bluetooth connectivity and gesture touch control which I’d will be very useful as I do have a very active lifestyle. Can’t wait to try them out.

  • I know this video was focused on the Paradise RIC models, but wondering about the ITE versions... specifically, I'd love to know if there are any differences in the tech or features between the Paradise IIC and CIC styles? Obviously the IIC is smaller and fits deeper in the canal, but other than that, are there any features that the CIC has which the IIC doesn't? Or are they generally the same in terms of tech and features? Thanks for any insight!

  • I wish that I could change tap control because I have the cros p and audeo paradise it’s not compatible with the app yet

  • Would you recommend the rechargeable version to be used with the Cros P? I'm under the impression that with the streaming from one side to the other the charge won't last as much making the battery version a better choice.