Boyfriend Tries Girlfriend’s Hearing Aids and See What Happened

Boyfriend Tries Girlfriend’s Hearing Aids and See What Happened. Be taught what it is like from a Listening to particular person on what it is prefer to put on Deaf folks Listening to Aids!

Boyfriend Tries Girlfriend’s Hearing Aids and See What Happened

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1 thought on “Boyfriend Tries Girlfriend’s Hearing Aids and See What Happened”

  1. Hi caela❤️was lovely to see your boyfriend on video,I think he did really well trying them on but they may have sounded better with earmoulds that fitted his ears! But he is right with so many people having things in their ears I don't think people would stare & say hey he is wearing hearing aids!
    Being profoundly deaf now I realise how much I should have worn my hearing aids in the past! So this is a genuine offer if you decided to have a go fund me page to get new hearing aids I would be the first to contribute! Or maybe like a cash app where I and others can at least get you new earmoulds! As you can't have the broken one digging in your ears! Also you mentioned the cost of hearing aid batteries,well we are lucky here in the UK we get batteries for free so if it would help I could post you out some packs of hearing aids! From all your video's of late I think you would wear your hearing aids more if you had better earmoulds & more up to date hearing aids! There is a big you tuber from America Rikki poynter that at the age of 30 got free hearing aids from the VA these are her first & she has admitted her speech etc has got loads better! I have not a clue what your speech sounds like! If people are kind to me no matter where they live I try & return the kindness so if packs of batteries will help you then I would willingly send them to you just let me know what number you use,I have used 675 in the past! 💖💖


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