How to Reduce Tinnitus Volume: Tinnitus Sound Support

How to Reduce Tinnitus Volume

The Sonic Sound DNA platform includes Tinnitus Sound Support to address How to Reduce Tinnitus Volume with hearing aid technology. Tinnitus, a perceived ringing sound that lacks an outside source affects nearly 15 percent of listeners and is often accompanied by hearing loss.

Once properly identified, tinnitus may be managed with two types of hearing aid technologies. First, correcting the hearing loss with prescribed amplification can help mask the ringing sensation. Additionally, some hearing aids have a sound generator that adds the option of sound therapy.

Hearing aids using the Sonic Sound DNA platform include Tinnitus Sound Support. This technology generates a variety of signals that help reduce individual perceptions of tinnitus. Tinnitus Sound Support is highly customizable to a patient’s needs.

It includes four broadband sounds which are neutral and stable. White noise, (white noise) pink noise, (pink noise) red noise, (red noise) and sound shaped to a patient’s audiogram. (variety of noise types) Three nature sound options are neutral and rhythmic.

Ocean one, (ocean sound) Ocean two, (ocean sound) and ocean 3. (ocean sound) The broadband signals may also be modulated at four different rates. Tranquil, mild, spirited, and bustling. Modulation varies the volume of the sound over time.

Because environmental sounds change, the automatic level steering feature adjusts the relief sound volume. The generated signal decreases as surroundings get louder and increases as they get softer. Plus, Tinnitus Sound Support can synchronize relief sounds from ear to ear for a balanced sound perception.

Customizing Tinnitus

Customizing Tinnitus Sound Support for a patient requires just a few simple steps. First, activate Tinnitus Sound Support by turning it on. Select the desired broadband or nature relief sound. Adjust the volume of the relief sound.

If desired, activate the modulation rate for broadband sounds. To finish, activate options such as Automatic Level Steering or turning the hearing aid microphone on or off. You can activate a separate volume control for the relief sound and set its range from plus to minus 15 decibels Tinnitus Sound Support can be a great benefit to patients experiencing tinnitus.

It provides relief by diverting attention away from the ringing. It’s variety of sounds can be customized to individual needs. And the technology is easy to apply in up to four listening programs.

Intuitively responsive, incredibly individual. With products on the Sonic Sound DNA platform, everyday sounds better.

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