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How to Pair Hearing Aids to iPhone 11- IOS 13 and Higher

Pair your listening to aids to the brand new iPhone 11 and for individuals who have up to date to the brand new IOS 13, this video will present you how one can pair your listening to aids to the newest IOS 13 and better.  This video is for Made for iPhone listening to gadgets, together with:  Resound Quattro, Enzo, Linx 3D fashions, Oticon Opn S, Sonic Improvements Captivate and Trek fashions, Widex Evoke, Signia model know-how, Starkey listening to aids, and extra.  Upon getting paired the aids to your iPhone utilizing this video, chances are you’ll then join the aids to your producer’s app. When you’ve got not downloaded the app to your listening to aids, chances are you’ll go to the App Retailer. Our YouTube web page accommodates extra step-by-step movies for a lot of producers, together with demonstrations how one can obtain the app to your listening to aids, explaining the options throughout the apps, and how one can get essentially the most out of your gadgets.

This video will present you step-by-step how one can efficiently pair your listening to aids to the newest IOS 13. For these with telephones on earlier IOS variations, please see our video:

Ought to you could have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our workplaces in Houston and Lake Jackson, Texas or go to us at:


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  • Can I have my hearing aids connected to my iPhone and iPad at the same time? If not how do I switch between them. Thanks

  • I know how to connect them but every time I’m listening to music the sound shifts to one side of my hearing aid, why is that and how can I prevent it from happening??

  • Hi, I noticed you have a number of Resound and iPhone instruction videos. I wonder if you have a solution to this problem: the iPhone need to default to the hearing aid on calling. Currently on calls the iPhone want the user to chose from normal, loudspeaker or hearing aid. The problem is that my mom has dementia and doesn’t realize what button she presses. Thus she can’t hear us when calling. Her hearing aid is a set of Resound 3D linx, her iPhone is a 6 and the iOS version should be fairly new. If you find a solution I’m sure you will have clients in Texas having multiple disabilities who would appreciate your solution. Br Morten, Denmark ...of course I found the solution now after writing you: Go Settings, Accessibilities, Touch, Call Audio Routing - even with more Bluetooth accessories one should be able to select the paired hearing aid. See this link

  • Do you mind if I use this video to share with my patients? I think it is very thorough and helpful!