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How I Beat Tinnitus!

How I Beat Tinnitus! – That is my story.
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  • My tinnitus is caused by eustachian tube disfunction.When i do valsalva maneuver the tube opens and i dont hear tinnitus.But shortly after 10-15 minutes the tube is closing again.I hope my eustachian tube will open with time. 😟

  • Thank you my man, I just started getting some tinnitus and your advice is really helpful for me to look into and also seeing people recover is also hopeful.
    Thank you <3

  • thank you for this, my tinnitus is from stress as well and it has helped me relieve some of that noise

  • Good stuff. I have subluxation in the shoulder. Affected the traps and neck muscles. Mine came on quick but like your methods. Will try all this. Have chiropractor appt tomorrow.

  • I was so lucky to cure my Tinnitus fungal infection with herbal mixture by Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube