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Finding Good Hearing Aids on a Budget | ReSound Key

Discovering Good Listening to Aids on a Finances | ReSound Key. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, discusses why it may be tough to seek out good reasonably priced listening to aids and what you are able to do about it.

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  • Do you know if the Resound 1 hearing aid disables any features if you only have unilateral hearing loss? Does the Mrie receiver and sound localization features of the 1 still work if you just have a single hearing aid? Thank you

  • Hello Mr. Cliff. I suffer of moderate hearing loss at my left ear(-50 dB on average) and tinnitus. I had the oportunity to test Livio Edge Ai 2400 BTE and RIC and my tinnitus almost silenced. My question is: Is Livio Edge AI 2400 (inside the ear versions) as good as BTE and RIC versions, regarding the sound quality and tinnitus relief?

  • My two recommendations as an audiologist for people on a budget would be either the Starkey Livio 1200 RIC rechargeable or the Oticon Ruby 2 miniRITE rechargeable. The reason being a decent sound quality while maintaining a relatively easy connectivity to smart phones. Not sure how much it would cost in the US, but I would lean towards the starkey model.

  • do you think you could review the innerscope hearing aid? i saw some on walmarts website and noticed is was alot cheaper but im not sure if thats for a reason.

  • The issue with android device streaming is, if you've a Dual SIM mobile. You can stream phone call with only the 1st SIM. 2nd SIM call will not be streamed. I tried this with ReSound Key 461 (Rechargeable, RIC)

  • I’ve learned much from your videos. Thank you.

    The cost of hearing aids is depressing. You use words like budget conscious - the reality is the fixed poverty level income individual.

  • Hi Dr. Cliff! This is a bit off topic for this video, but I need a quick response to decide which local audiologist to schedule a hearing evaluation and hearing aid fitting tomorrow. One does REM and is Dr. Cliff approved. But another looks well qualified and uses Live Speech Mapping. What is Live Speech Mapping and how does it compare to REM? Thank you very much!

  • The Phonak paradise and Oticon are $4k to $5k for the meduim HA's. Sticker shock. Can you do a video on other Good hearing aids from other vendors in the same price range as the Key? I just want a hearing aid that hears really really well. I don't go to noisy restaurants (and if I do I don't wear HA's) . I will live with my tinnitus.