The Best Eargo Hearing Aid Review you Need to Watch

Best Eargo Hearing Aid Review. Eargo 6 is an invisible listening to assist that guarantees that will help you “hear extra of each dialog” by means of customized amplification, background noise removing, and automated environmental changes. Coming in at $2,950 a pair, Eargo 6 is not the most cost effective listening to assist we have reviewed, however with premium options like rechargeability and IPX7-rated water resistance and—and lifelong telehealth assist—it is value consideration. After spending a couple of weeks with Eargo 6, I am lastly able to share my ideas, and shopping for suggestion.

Best Eargo Hearing Aid Review

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Invisible Listening to Aids: Watch this BEFORE shopping for them:
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13 thoughts on “The Best Eargo Hearing Aid Review you Need to Watch”

  1. Thanks for the video I was waiting for an Eargo 6 review. I currently have the Eargo 5's, they help me quite a bit but sometimes the amplification isn't enough and they definitely don't help me much in a noisy, bar type atmosphere. Eargo just offered me the 6's for $2200 and I was wondering if you think it's worth the upgrade. I have mild to moderate hearing loss. Thanks!

  2. Hello Matthew….I tried a previous version and had my audiologist test they're output and with a steeply sloping HF hearing loss they were simply not powerful enough . In my opinion what they have revolutionized is the ear tip……it was very comfortable and far superior to any I've seen (and used) on the highest end RIC's (Widex, Phonak and Resound) . Great channel and always very informative !!

  3. On my soundmatch, it shows the same results as the audiologist hearing test – at least from the looks it matches my ski slope type high freq loss. Not sure why yours was so far off. The Eargos have been working well for me.

  4. hmm, i was excited about the chance to see what these were like until i read the following
    "These non-working samples are for fit & feel only"
    Also Eargo wants to be able to send people who sign up emails, text messages and phone calls! Thanks but no thank you.

    At the cost of over $2K – USD, there are better options which are fitted hearing aids dispensed by licensed hearing aid professionals. Like you, I want to be WOW'ed by some of the new OTC/DTC products, so far though, in too many cases, once all the info is known, it becomes more of a no, not quite there just yet.

  5. That was quite an informative video! How about reviewing the BeHear ACCESS model II from Alango? It is a personalizable DTC hearing amplifier with hearing assessment results matching a professional audiogram, support for streamed audio over Bluetooth, directionality, noise reduction, telecoil support, tone control, customizable tinnitus masking sound, CROS/BiCROS support for single-sided hearing, and a rechargeable battery providing 13 hours of continuous use. Unlike the Eargo 6 it is not invisible (quite the opposite, it looks like a Bluetooth stereo neckloop), but the price tag is also strikingly different — only $249.


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