Eargo 6 Review: The ONLY Eargo Hearing Aid Review you Need to Watch!

Eargo 6 is an invisible listening to assist that guarantees that will help you “hear extra of each dialog” by means of customized amplification, background noise removing, and automated environmental changes. Coming in at $2,950 a pair, Eargo 6 is not the most cost effective listening to assist we have reviewed, however with premium options like rechargeability and IPX7-rated water resistance and—and lifelong telehealth assist—it is value consideration. After spending a couple of weeks with Eargo 6, I am lastly able to share my ideas, and shopping for suggestion.

Eargo 6 Free Pattern: https://hearingtrack.com/eargo-6-yt

00:00 Intro
00:51 The NEW Eargo 6 Launch
01:29 Who’re Eargo?
02:11 Unboxing the Eargo 6
03:36 Eargo 6 Battery Life
05:28 Bodily Properties of the Eargo 6
07:43 How Massive is the Eargo 6?
08:08 What does the Eargo 6 Look Like within the Ear?
09:11 The best way to Pair the Eargo 6
09:23 Eargo 6 Sound Match Listening to Check
12:41 Eargo 6 Suitability
13:56 My Considerations with OTC units
14:59 My Eargo 6 App Overview and Directions
15:20 Eargo’s Sound alter characteristic
15:40 Packages Out there on the Eargo 6
16:41 How does Eargo 6 Carry out in Background Noise?
18:05 Altering Packages with the Faucet Function
19:00 Is the Eargo 6 Water Resistant?
19:40 Eargo 6 Rechargeable Battery
20:11 Utilizing the Eargo 6 with the Telephone
21:11 Eargo 6 Buyer Help
21:54 My Closing Ideas

Eargo 6 Information: https://www.hearingtracker.com/hearing-aids/eargo-6
Invisible Listening to Aids: Watch this BEFORE shopping for them: https://youtu.be/XraLGl69cjE
Matthew Allsop is the Video Content material Supervisor at Hearingtracker.com. He practices from his London-based apply, Harley Avenue Listening to. You may get in contact on matthew@hearingtracker.com concerning new content material concepts or to change into a affected person.

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  • Amazing video Matthew, congratulations. I love the moment your ears exploded😂😂 Also I couldn’t agree more about the need of an audiologist to give you the best advice.

  • That was quite an informative video! How about reviewing the BeHear ACCESS model II from Alango? It is a personalizable DTC hearing amplifier with hearing assessment results matching a professional audiogram, support for streamed audio over Bluetooth, directionality, noise reduction, telecoil support, tone control, customizable tinnitus masking sound, CROS/BiCROS support for single-sided hearing, and a rechargeable battery providing 13 hours of continuous use. Unlike the Eargo 6 it is not invisible (quite the opposite, it looks like a Bluetooth stereo neckloop), but the price tag is also strikingly different -- only $249.

  • hmm, i was excited about the chance to see what these were like until i read the following
    "These non-working samples are for fit & feel only"
    Also Eargo wants to be able to send people who sign up emails, text messages and phone calls! Thanks but no thank you.

    At the cost of over $2K - USD, there are better options which are fitted hearing aids dispensed by licensed hearing aid professionals. Like you, I want to be WOW'ed by some of the new OTC/DTC products, so far though, in too many cases, once all the info is known, it becomes more of a no, not quite there just yet.

  • On my soundmatch, it shows the same results as the audiologist hearing test - at least from the looks it matches my ski slope type high freq loss. Not sure why yours was so far off. The Eargos have been working well for me.

  • Hello Matthew....I tried a previous version and had my audiologist test they're output and with a steeply sloping HF hearing loss they were simply not powerful enough . In my opinion what they have revolutionized is the ear tip......it was very comfortable and far superior to any I've seen (and used) on the highest end RIC's (Widex, Phonak and Resound) . Great channel and always very informative !!

  • Thanks for the video I was waiting for an Eargo 6 review. I currently have the Eargo 5's, they help me quite a bit but sometimes the amplification isn't enough and they definitely don't help me much in a noisy, bar type atmosphere. Eargo just offered me the 6's for $2200 and I was wondering if you think it's worth the upgrade. I have mild to moderate hearing loss. Thanks!