Over-The-Counter OTC Hearing Aids: Dr. Amit Gosalia

Over-The-Counter OTC Hearing Aids

Dr. Amit Gosalia (Audiologist) shares details about the brand new FDA language about over-the-counter (OTC) listening to aids.
These gadgets will enhance entry and decrease prices however are just for 18+ yr olds, with a perceived delicate to reasonable listening to loss, no medical analysis required and no medical contraindications comparable to:

Listening to higher from one ear vs the opposite
Sudden change in listening to
Fullness within the ears
Ringing, static, speeding noises within the ear
Vertigo or dizziness
Historical past of ototoxic medicines

A sensible concept can be to have your listening to evaluated after which make an knowledgeable resolution in regards to the subsequent steps!


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  1. Dr. Is it an “Actual” hear aid? Or a hearing amplifier. I’ve been checking out on Walmart website and all I see are “Amplifier’s” being offered. Which, I’ve purchased before (which is something I DON’T want.)


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