Reaction of Children Hearing Sound for The First Time

Reaction of Children Hearing Sound for The First Time. This compilation reveals the second youngsters have their Cochlear implants switched on and you may see their wonderful heartwarming reactions to listening to their family members voices and noises they’ve by no means heard earlier than!

Reaction of Children Hearing Sound for The First Time

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42 thoughts on “Reaction of Children Hearing Sound for The First Time”

  1. I’ll never forget the first time I had an apparition from Mother Mary and felt her energy and love, I crumbled into a sobbing heap like that. My prayer is that all will know and feel such unconditional love the divine has for us all, I still struggle to comprehend it and we struggle to feel worthy but divine mother is here 🌎 gradually welcoming all us children back home and home to our own divine hearts.

  2. I dont undarstand the other kids, How can they understand how the words sound if they are hearing fir the first time? and how can they speak well if they dont even know how and what words sounds like when you speak? can someone pleass explain to me.. or thkss other kids are not completely deaf? because the the other kids who cried and got scared are ones who were actually hearing for the first fime and their reaction are the reaction that actually make sense..

  3. i always get a little emotional watching these. their reaction is to cry even when just hearing someone’s voice or nature/background sounds…imagine how they feel when they hear music!!!!!

  4. The one sweet baby with the glasses .. her glasses make her ears fold over. I have learned that anything that presses down on my ears and others causes severe pain to the ear. the outside of the ear. the slightest prolonged pressure of any kind. so, it makes me wonder if the same was happening to her. What pressed down on her ears was quite profound. I really hope that it isn't the same for baby ears.

  5. We as humans take so much for granted. So much. This had me all kinds of emotional. I feel for those who are less fortunate, and pray that someone out there is looking out for them. May we all be blessed in life.

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  7. As someone who was born completely deaf in my left ear and had just 30% in my right ear, I know the struggle. I managed to get hearing aids when I was very young, around 7 years old and I was bullied heavily for wearing them. Now I’m all grown up and have much nicer hearing aids.


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