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BEST Places to Buy Over-The-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids!

Finest Locations to Purchase Over-The-Counter (OTC) Listening to Aids! Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, talks about the very best locations to purchase OTC Listening to Aids.

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Finest Purchase,, Walmart Pharmacy, CVS, Walgreens, your Listening to Care Skilled.


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  • If Hearing Aid Dealers, and Audiologists have a mandated return policy to protect seniors so should all the OTC manufacturers. Trying to counsel someone on using hearing devices takes skill, time, and patience. I fear a alot of late night informercial, and interent scam artists are going to take advantage of seniors looking for help. This law truly falls short, if congress cared they should have just set a medicare contract price for basic prescription hearing aids dispensed by a hearing specialist, and covered it as they do most prosthetic devices.

  • I wonder if I can buy only one hearing aid for my right ear. It is the only ear with deafness. It looks to be that OTC hearing aids only come in pairs (right and left)

  • Nice honest review Cliff! I’m lucky I have a new, one year old pair of Phonak Paradise 50’s, plus my bold pair of COSTCO Resounds as my back up set, so I doubt if I’ll be buying any OTC hearing aids! That said I’ve invested over $20,000 over the past three decades so I know how expensive quality hearing aids cost and I realize that many people are simply priced out of the market! So in some regards this good news for many but I’m skeptical about them being able to write and pair the correct hearing prescription at these prices!

  • I'm hoping long-term these bringing competition can force the ones selling to audiologists to come down in price.

  • How is my provider going to make money? He forces me to go every three months for the adjustment. I pay thousands out of pocket and my insurance 3x that much.

  • I have custom ear molds for my old CIC Phonaks. How are OTC hearing aids going to fit everyone?

  • Hearing Aids ?? .. Should ONLY be a Phone App .. that uses your phone + wireless earbuds w/integrated mic .. ~ $30 for buds, and $10 for the APP.

  • What about buying a new iphone with the latest apple ipods and just use the phone mic ??

  • well I'm wondering how many people will go out for the otc hearing aids compared to going to the doctors, But this is a good video keep them coming