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BEST Hearing Aids Rankings | Why the Top Rated Hearing Aids are NOT what they Seem! 😱

BEST Hearing Aids Rankings | Why the Top Rated Hearing Aids are NOT what they Seem! 😱

BEST Listening to Aids Rankings | Why the Prime Rated Listening to Aids are NOT what they Appear! 😱 Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, investigates the Greatest Listening to Support Rating Web sites to uncover the most important On-line Listening to Support SCAM.


Opportunists like,,, Well,,,,,,,,,,, and plenty of others are attempting to capitalize on the listening to help market by rating Greatest Listening to Aids of 2021 and Greatest Listening to Aids of 2022 rankings. The query turns into, do you have to belief their advice?



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  • Looking for hearing aids and I quickly came to the conclusion that the whole market is full of pirates….

  • Hi Doctor Cliff, I really appreciate your videos! Thank you for this. I have to ask you something. Can you advise/recommend any good trusty hearing audiologist here in the San Jose Ca or around the bay area. Planning to get one so I can hear properly. Thank you for your response and happy holidays.

  • Great information dr Cliff. I bought hearing aids from supposedly one of the top hearing aid manufacturers in the world. They never suited my hearing loss. I had the audiologist out to visit and make alterations but they couldn’t get it right. I even had a visit from a one of the manufacturers representatives. He made the matter even worse. In the end they offered me the latest hearing aids at a reduced price, which I had to fight for. They could not adjust the new hearing aids to suit my hearing loss needs. It is so frustrating that I spent thousands of £s - Sterling, on these hearing aids, but they are of no use to me.

  • Are you saying this doesn't happen at an Audiologist practice??? I find it difficult to believe that's the case either. I think the prices of hearing aids are so far off the charts that many who need the device can't afford them. I fear this might be worse when Medicare helps pay.

  • I’ve worn HAs for 37 years. Sadly, soon as OTC Hearing Aids are approved (one day) in the US, it’ll get even worse as everybody under the sun will be trying to pushing their products claiming to be “#1 ranked Hearing Aid in such and such list” and people will get even more confused and fall for this predatory type of advertisement.

    One of the biggest reasons why I’m not overly keen on OTC cause it’s not going reduce pricing of major brands. It’ll just make an even bigger mess of the choices and potentially harm folks who do not know better.