How to Attach the AudioStream Cover to Sonnet?

How to Attach the AudioStream Cover to SONNET

Learn how to attach the AudioStream cover to your SONNET or SONNET 2 audio processor. With AudioStream you can enjoy direct wireless streaming.

Hi, I’m Lukas from MED-EL. I’m here to show you how to set up and use your AudioStream cover with your SONNET series audio processor. First up: How to assemble it. To assemble AudioStream, you must first remove the battery pack cover from your audio processor.

To do this, make sure the cover is unlocked, then slide off the battery pack cover. Check that you are using a compatible battery pack frame or rechargeable battery adapter. Compatibility is indicated by this symbol.

Make sure that the AudioStream cover is unlocked. Slide AudioStream completely over the battery pack frame or rechargeable battery adapter. This will switch on your audio processor. To prevent children from disassembling the audio processor, turn the battery pack cover lock clockwise into the locked position.

Please note that the micro rechargeable battery is not suitable for young children under 3 years because the battery cannot be locked in place. And that’s it! Now you can start pairing your AudioStream.

Need to configure it

Before using AudioStream for the first time, you need to configure it. This video shows you how to do that with an iOS (Apple) device. Before pairing AudioStream with your iOS device, download the latest version of the AudioKey 2 app and enable Bluetooth on your phone.

Make sure AudioStream is turned off by removing it from your audio processor. Open the AudioKey 2 app, press the menu in the upper left corner, and open “connectivity options”. Select “AudioStream” and then “configuration”.

If you have one AudioStream, select the side you wear it on. If you have an AudioStream on each side, select both left and right. Tap “next”. Then slide the AudioStream cover completely over your audio processor, place it next to your phone, and press “next”.

If it fails to configure, move the audio processor closer to the phone, slide the AudioStream cover off and on, and press “try again”. If you want to use AudioStream on both sides, repeat the previous steps with your second audio processor.

Bluetooth pairing request

Leave the first audio processor switched on during this. Next, enter a username with seven or fewer letters. Only letters from the Latin alphabet can be used. Then tap “save”. A “Bluetooth pairing request” screen will appear.

Tap “pair”. Repeat this for your second AudioStream, if you have one. Once it has paired successfully, tap “ok”. Exit the AudioKey 2 app and go to the settings on your iOS device. Scroll down and select “accessibility”, then “hearing devices”.

Tap on the section under “MFI hearing devices”. After a few seconds, it will indicate that it is connected. AudioStream will connect automatically whenever it is switched on and your phone has Bluetooth enabled.

Now you’re ready to start streaming music and phone calls directly to your audio processor!

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