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Audiologist DEBATE!!! – Hearing Aid Pricing/Hearing Aid Cost | Hearing Aids & Hearing Devices

Audiologist DEBATE!!! – Listening to Support Pricing/Listening to Support Price | Listening to Aids & Listening to Gadgets

This week’s video is an Audiologist Debate!!! Two nice audiologists will talk about the bundling vs. unbundling debate for listening to docs. What’s Unbundling listening to aids? What’s Bundling listening to aids? How does Listening to Support Pricing/Listening to Support Price evaluate to different medical professions? Two Audiologists respectively take this enterprise concept of Listening to Support Pricing/Listening to Support Price to the desk and discuss how every Audiologist should resolve it of their clinic.

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  • A very informative video regarding bundle vs unbundled services. I have read about another concept called hybrid bundling which is basically having bundled services for first year and then unbundled for the remaining life of the hearing aid. For me, a hearing aid user, the first year is where you are getting use to the features of the hearing aid and the settings for your hearing loss. Then after that is basically adjusting hearing aids to changes is your hearing loss. Of course routine maintenance is needed. And another point to mention is that as the baby boomers are becoming the hearing aid users they want more control over their hearing loss care. Hence, self-programming and self-adjusting of hearing aids is on the rise.

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  • Well explained video review about Audiologist DEBATE and thanks for the detailed information.