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Apple Airpods Pro Detailed Hearing Aid Review

Apple Airpods Professional Detailed Listening to Help Evaluate. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, performs a Approach Too Detailed Evaluate of the Apple AirPods Professional after changing them into listening to aids utilizing the Mimi Listening to Take a look at App.

Actual Ear Measurement Video:
Compression Video:


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  • Can it be used as cross hearing aid. One side total sensoryneural deafness and other completely normal. Thanks

  • Watching these real ear measurements, it appears that these dont perform as well as the Bose Soundcontrol for mild to moderate hearing loss starting at 2000 hz and degrading more as frequency goes up. Is that an accurate interpretation?

  • I have been wearing hearing aids which I loved. However, with Covid mask guidelines I kept losing hearing aids and replacements with insurance were getting costly. Any suggestions.

  • A great review would be one that compares online hearing tests to Mimi for Apple Ipod users. Can we improve on the results that Mimi gives us?

  • How about if you have tinnitus along with hearing loss, could they be beneficial use then?

  • If you have an audiogram from an audiologist, you dont need the mimi hearing test app. You can enter the audiogram data in the iphone settings under accessibility/Audio-Visual/headphone accommodations/custom audio setup. You can enter the data manually or take a picture of the audiogram.