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American Tinnitus Association = 16 Podcasts Available & More

I have been a member of the American Tinnitus Association for five or ten years now. The summer edition of their magazine sent to members is out now…see below for details…also available in PDF.

They have 16 free podcasts with experts on Tinnitus issues here:


**Read the Summer Issue of** ***Tinnitus Today Magazine*****:**
**What To Do About Tinnitus**

People with tinnitus often find themselves at a loss for where to get help. They typically search the internet for “tinnitus,” “tinnitus treatment,” “tinnitus cure,” or something similar. The websites that appear may present valid information, but many websites make claims that whatever they are promoting can “cure,” “silence,” or “alleviate” tinnitus. And then, while searching, people are also confronted by the ubiquitous pop-up ads that make similar claims.

Which claims are true and which are not? The answers partly depend on what all these words mean.

In the Summer issue of *Tinnitus Today*, you’ll discover:


* Treatments and interventions that can help reduce tinnitus distress
* How to help a child with tinnitus
* Pros and cons of telehealth for tinnitus care
* How the ATA sparked the pursuit of sound therapy
* and more…

Check it out and join if you have a mind: [](

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