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After Sudden Hearing Loss, Cochlear Implant Returns Patient's Quality of Life

When Tom Boyle skilled sudden listening to loss with single-sided deafness and a debilitating case of tinnitus, SLUCare listening to specialists advisable a cochlear implant that might enable him to perform at stage just like what he was beforehand accustomed to. Extra data on-line at

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  • My story is close to the same. About 5 years ago, I was driving with my son back from the zoo and I felt something slide in my right ear. It too was replaced with a loud (almost jet engine sound) ringing. It has impacted nearly every portion of my life. I have had steroids injected into my ear (ouch), hearing aids (stopped working when my hearing got worse), and every other thing you can think of. I randomly went back to the ENT figuring there would still be nothing they could do for me. I was shocked to hear that they approved the Cochlear Implant for SSD. I have been jumping through all the hoops and even though they consider this an elective surgery (a bit irritating) my insurance company has approved my implant. On Friday, September 24th, I will received my CI and I cannot be more excited. The chance to hear again and the tinnitus to quiet is worth all the work and challenges I’m about to experience.

  • Tom’s story sounds almost like mine. I was driving down the road when the hearing in my left ear flipped off and was permanently replaced by constant tinnitus. That was 25 years ago. I’m now scheduled to meet with a surgeon on August 16 to pick my device and set a date. I am so excited that I have a chance to not only regain my hearing, but get rid of the tinnitus. I have become so used to it, I can’t imagine what it would be like for it to be gone.

  • My story is kind of the same. I lost my hearing 12 years ago I was told they couldn’t do anything and to try to use a Baja but it became useless. I finally worked with the Cleveland clinic and they set me up with one of the best doctor’s. He put me in their program I had the surgery in late July. My hearing is now under control and excellent! What a great story you have and what a great story I have and many others I’m sure out there.

  • I have Two Cochlear Implants since 2006 Iam born in 2005 and got bilateral Implanted in July 2006.

  • I got my first implant in my thirties and my second one early forties and i am glad that i did i have almost perfect heaing