How do you know if tinnitus is getting better?

How do you know if tinnitus is getting better? I’ve had tinnitus for about 5 years. I’ve only been able to muffle the symptoms with a white noise machine and just keeping music or TV on during the day.

I’ve given up a possible cure, this whole thing started an overtly loud rock concert, like really famously loud local band. I sat outside and only went in twice to grab a beer, then the next morning…. BAM!

Recently i decided to go on one of those intermediate diets. I had a friend guide me thru it, and after 12 days I lost 6 lbs. Well, on day 13 we were texting back and forth about it. He said i should try water fasting and it would do a hard reset on my body. I did it for 48 hrs, water only, felt weak at the end. I drank a smoothy to get back in the groove, then real food a few hrs later. I lost an additional 4 lbs, sweet! 6′ 4″ 221 to 209 as of today, i wasn’t fat, just a growing beer gut/dad bod.

Anyway…. Last night as I was falling asleep I noticed a sharp cut in the ringing, volume and tone. The only thing i could attribute it to was the diet, mainly the water fasting.

I will follow up after the weekend to report any changes, crossing my fingers. I pray its not a temp fix

TLDR crash diet (water fasting) drastically reduced my tinnitus pain

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How do you know if tinnitus is getting better?

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