11 Best Hearing Aid Devices that Have Great Features: Detailed Reviews & Pricing

Best Hearing Aid Devices that Have Great Features. In 2022, customers are within the driver seat as there are a number of glorious listening to aids in the marketplace, at a wide range of value factors. It ought to be mentioned, although: not each listening to assist is suitable for each particular person, a selection ought to be tailor-made to the person’s listening to check, most popular service mannequin (on-line vs in-person), dexterity, beauty style, funds, insurance coverage advantages, and different elements.

Best Hearing Aid Devices that Have Great Features

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0:00 – 11 BEST Listening to Aids of 2022
2:33 – Absolute Finest Listening to Aids
4:55 – Finest On-line Listening to Aids
7:06 – Inexpensive Listening to Aids (Finest Worth)
8:57 – Finest Customized In Ear Listening to Aids
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34 thoughts on “11 Best Hearing Aid Devices that Have Great Features: Detailed Reviews & Pricing”

  1. Good, but I would have liked to know what some of the "Bells and whistles" are that the less expensive models don't have. Very new on the hearing aid journey, and I don't know what I don't know.

  2. I am just trying out Oticon minorites.
    I have an OnePlus 8T Android phone
    I can tell you the Bluetooth software SUCK's
    Connection problems, loss of microphone while calling with phones.
    I can hear the other, but they can not hear me.
    This software är a peace of crap.
    I also had a talk both with personal at the service center and they admit Oticon has a LOT of problems with Android.
    Do you have Android.. Avoid at all cost.
    I did a factory reset of my phone, upgraded to latest version.
    Downloaded the latest Oticon On
    Made the phone talk work for aproximately
    One day, then suddenly did not record my woice again.
    Despite on Oticons web on compatible products OnePlus 8T is fully compatible
    Just dont work.
    I think the Oticon for normal hearing is good. But with phone, useless.

  3. Hello Dr. Ben. I have a question that may be unusual. I have been an audiophile since I was 16 years old. My hearing is now compromised due to a medication that was used for chemotherapy (Cisplatin).
    Can you tell me what hearing aids offer the best sound quality for a very picky audiophile?

  4. Subbed & thumbs up. I really like your production quality, good job. You could be, if you wanted to, more transparent. For example audiologists with YT channels should disclose that KS10's are made by Sonova Group who also make, wait for it …, your #1 overall hearing aid Phonak P90.(somewhat decontented). So if you can give up a few bells & whistles you can save thousands. Yeah. I'm for that. Love my ks10's. I have a great Costco tech, knows her chit. Keep up the good work, do a video on REAL rechargeable battery life, not mfg. claimed life. 🙂

  5. Ben Thompson, Very good video to inform us, who need hearing aids. SUGGESTION FOR YOU.we need a video that informs us about hoiw usless the low end so called hearing aids are. heavely advertised on the internet for rock bottom prices, but there no better than hearing amplafiers! Having worn hearing aids for close to a decade now, i sent for several diferent pairs, and had to send them back.The sound was so bad. bottom line, you get what you pay for!

  6. I am from the uk we are able to get heari g aids free from our health service .i have a hearing problem in one ear which is flued in the inner ear which causes really bad hearing for me when someone speaks to me .i have to ask them to repeat .it is so embaressing .i have a n appointment in a days time to have a testing,they will show me what is availible .thank you so much for this video .


  7. I am trialing Signia Pure C&G 7AX. Love them. Black – so they look like normal tech items. The Own Voice processing is a game changer for me. Apple phone so streams perfectly

  8. I am trying to help an elder family member find a decent pair of hearing aids. She does not want the bells and whistles, just a good hearing aid that works. ….I think she had Oticon custom (lost them)but does not want the h aid linked to her phone. i would think Costco would be good if there was a decent technician to help.

  9. QUESTION PLEASE: I was going to go with the LIVELY 2, , but found out my Samsung Galaxy A20 smart phone s not compatible. Do you have any patience using Lively 2 with the Galaxy A20. I cannot purchase a new phone.

  10. Holy shit, how expansiv are Hearing Aids in the USA. O_o
    I will not complain anymore about the pricing in Europe, its less then the half, and the health care cover at least 1.500€.

    Thank you anyway for the overview 🙂

  11. About 4 1/2 years ago, I was victim of a hate crime starting a new job as I got held in a basement while 160 decibel deafening music was blasted. After multiple trips to the ER (no steroids prescribed) and various audiology visits, there was only one that recommended a $6,800 pair of aids due to my mild low frequency hearing loss (loss of bass and volume). To this days, I suffer nightly sleep problems and now earn only a third the amount of money I use to. About 16 months ago I purchased a set of eargo neo hifis for under $2,500. While they help some, I still have trouble in situations and they can slide out of my ears allowing co-workers to see them and make comments. I don't know what else to do since I didn't get the best medical treatment. I was also denied disability.


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