Widex Moment Hearing Aids Review: Really Smart Devices

Widex Moment Hearing Aids Review

Full of trendy know-how, but nearly invisible, that is true for a lot of listening to aids today. The Widex MOMENT provide a chargeable battery and two AI-powered processors that may mechanically adapt to your atmosphere. If that is not sufficient, you possibly can join the listening to aids to your smartphone to create customized applications or stream audio out of your Apple machine.

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12 thoughts on “Widex Moment Hearing Aids Review: Really Smart Devices”

  1. I really regret picking up the Widex Moments. The bluetooth function has to be turned off or you get a constant hiss. You do not have to be hooked to a BT device for the hiss to be present, you just have to have bluetooth enabled. The sound quality is nowhere as good as my older Widex. They distort if you are listening to live music, when I put my old Wedex in the music in the same room is fine. Finally the onboard mic does not work with bluetooth. When you are on bluetooth the system still relies on the mic in your phone so you have to hold your phone up to your mouth to use bluetooth, kind of defeats the purpose They are also prone to slipping off your ear if you wear glasses. Mine are not the rechargeable type, they have removable batteries. I highly recommend avoiding the Widex moment. My setup and fitting was completed by competent audiologists during in person appointments. They are not able to address the issues. The problem is that this is a substandard product.

  2. I’m just going through the hearing aid evaluation and fitting and found your video very helpful as this is the brand recommended by audiologist. This technology is new to me and very fascinating. Thanks again for the education.


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