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Widex Moment Hearing Aid Review | ZeroDelay Signal Processing

Widex Second Listening to Support Evaluate | ZeroDelay Sign Processing. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, critiques the brand new Widex Second Listening to Support with ZeroDelay Sign processing and TruAcoustics.

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  • No information on hearing performance improvements compare to evoke 440. Typical marketing junk.

  • What about waterproofing or sweat prevention? As an active person, this is an issue with the Evoke series.

  • I am needing hearing aids for the first time. I've tried Oticon, ReSound, and Starkey so far in office, the Oticons sounded or at least were setup the best. Musician friends are recommending Widex to me. Widex or Oticon for best sound quality what do you think?

    I sit normal that audiologists only carry one brand they demo, even if they'll order any for you? So far my expectations of having a variety to try out have fallen flat as a pancake. Is there any room for haggling or discounts?

  • How does this rate for the tinnitus feature? Also, haven’t they updated their rechargeable case to now close?

  • I am new to hearing aids and I am trying out the widex hearing aids, and I dont know what to think. I did not get them because I am struggling with hearing but to help with tinnitus, and to possibly improve my chances of not having further hearing loss which is with the higher pitches right now. I did not notice any change or improvement in sound when I tried them on, and when I play the acoustic guitar I notice no change in volume. I basically cannot tell when it is on or off. I do not know what I should expect.

  • I like the Pure sound option for my Widex Moment hearing aids, but I have a problem with the amount of feedback I get, especially first thing when I put them on. It's so bothersome that I often abandon the Pure setting in favour of the Universal one. But the sound then, while adequate, is not as good as far as the sibilants when I'm listening to TV. What would you recommend?

  • Thank you Cliff, I am trying to achieve the absolute best hearing results for my 94 year old mother. She has been using Widex hearing aids for some years and they have been very good. You video has provided me with so much more information and will help me to make enlightened choices in the future.

  • I have these hearing aids and I'm so disappointed that right out of the box, the right hearing aid didn't stream calls or music. I had a brief period where it worked and now it no longer does. I paid so much for something that doesn't work at all..... Apple, Android, all have the same issue with this model.