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Widex Moment Hearing Aid Review | Best Hearing Aids 2021

Widex Second listening to aids are rechargeable premium know-how. They’ve a status for quick sound processing and a dependable smartphone connectivity. The Widex Second listening to aids are a number of the greatest listening to aids in 2021. This evaluation will cowl the associated fee, professionals, and cons.

0:00 – Widex Second Listening to Support Overview | Greatest Listening to Aids 2021
01:07 – Look & Really feel
01:38 – Listening to Support Options
04:36 – Execs of Widex Second
06:35 – Cons of Widex Second

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  • Recently came the BTE 13 D version designed for more severe hearing impairment. Can you make a review about him, how good is he when compared to Naida Paradise?

    Advantages and disadvantages. How satisfied patients are with both.

  • I paid a fortune for a huge set of " apple Style"packaging boxes only to find a small technologically stunted hearing aid. Widex should have spent more time developing the feature of the devices than they did designing these wasteful over packaged entry level attempts at hearing aids. ie they stopped working within a few months. Can't get a pairing no matter what I do on the left . They do not have a viable solution to earwax which constantly blocks sound. They make no attempt for users to reuse the little white caps preferring that you buy new ones as a perpetuity income stream for them.
    Within a short time period the battery unperformed - cannot even get a days use out of them. The mindless battery stand does not even have a backup battery charger that would allow you to do mid day battery boosts that even the entry level iphone have which retail at a fraction of the Widex. If you would like to transport your batter charger around it would be useless as the hearing aids would keep falling out. Time to fire the marking team hearing aid box package designers and get some more engineers . If you get caught in the rain you can kiss your hearing aids goodbye. The connection to your PC vi the nymoellevej is so poorly thought out that if you forget to disconnect it you will probably destroy your earphone jack . The audio quality is not as good as what you get from an iphone earbud at a tenth of the price

  • I got three different quotes for the same package they differed by up to $910 and 500 meters apart.
    There is a scam going on somewhere.
    I'll get a hearing trumpet first.

  • Really helpful video review since I’m just being evaluated and fitted for hearing aids. This technology is new to me, but sounds very promising.

  • Hi the only thing I wish they would do with the white X is make it so that you could answer the phone without touching the phone that was a disappointment because I was hoping to get a set that I could utilize without picking up the phone itself I ride a bike sickle and is it dangerous to answer a phone when you are writing have to put the mic at a dead stop pick up the phone and answer it which I really don't like doing I hope the next Widex moment well have that capability because right now it's disappointing