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Widex Evoke Hearing Aid Review | First Hearing Aid with Machine Learning

Widex Evoke Listening to Assist Overview | First Listening to Assist with Machine Studying. Cliff Olson, Physician of Audiology and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Anthem Arizona, evaluations the Widex Evoke Listening to Assist.

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By way of appears to be like, the Widex Evoke has the identical kind issue that Widex has had for some time. This evaluate is of the Widex Evoke Fusion 2 which is the Bluetooth model of the Evoke. They match like a normal receiver-in-canal listening to support, very slim behind the ear, and really snug. The evoke additionally comes within the smaller Ardour mannequin, the Fusion with out bluetooth, the Fusion 2 which additionally features a rechargeable mannequin, a Trend Mini BTE, Trend conventional BTE, and a Energy Model of the Evoke.

The Evoke is finest recognized for being the primary listening to support to make the most of Machine Studying Know-how. Nonetheless, lets check out another options that I like concerning the Evoke.

1. Telecoil – Widex did not sacrifice the telecoil to make use of Bluetooth. A telecoil can faucet into an induction loop in a public venue like a theater, convention middle, or a church. I also can stream audio immediately from a telecoil enabled phone.

2. The 113 dB SPL Linear Enter Vary – Having a excessive enter vary is vital for listening to effectively in a loud surroundings and for higher music appreciation. The upper the enter vary, the higher. It prevents the incoming sign from needing to be compressed. Mix the excessive enter vary with 4 Analog to Digital converters and you’ve got a listening to support that may higher protect the integrity of sound, permitting for a cleaner listening surroundings in almost each scenario.

3. The Sound Classifier – I really like when a listening to support can routinely decide which program settings are finest. Because of this the listening to aids are consistently surveying the surroundings to find out which settings are finest so you do not have to. The Premium 440 stage Evoke has 11 sound classifiers which helps to make sure you are at all times within the precise proper settings for the surroundings.

4. The Zen Tinnitus Program – Widex is the one firm who makes use of Fractal tones to masks tinnitus and scale back your annoyance stage. The most well-liked Zen tone is “Aqua”. You should use these Zen packages by themselves or together with one other program.

5. Machine Studying – The Widex Evoke listening to aids have the flexibility to make the most of Machine studying to assist the listening to aids perceive how you want to listen to sound. Through the use of SoundSense Study and SoundSense Adapt, you train the app which settings you favor in every surroundings. You do that by selecting between an A & B possibility whereas listening to your present surroundings. You do that till you get the settings precisely proper. The changes that you just make enable the Evoke to be taught your preferences, and permit for higher updates sooner or later.

These listening to aids are actually revolutionary, however there are some issues concerning the EVOKE that I’m not an enormous fan of.

1. Rechargeability – The Evoke listening to aids use ZPower Silver-Zinc rechargeable know-how. I presently desire lithium batteries for his or her reliability.

2. Solely 15 adjustment handles – When programming listening to aids, the extra adjustment handles the higher. This permits me to program the listening to aids extra exactly to a prescription. In a premium stage system, I desire to see 20 adjustment handles.

3. Connectivity – Whereas the connectivity is nice with an Apple system, you’ll be able to’t stream immediately from an Android system. You should use the App and its options with Android, however if you wish to stream audio, you’ll need a streaming system.

Contemplating what these listening to aids are able to, the potential negatives appear comparatively minor. Nonetheless, as with every listening to support, you’ll solely expertise the total capabilities of the Evoke listening to aids if in case you have been match and programmed accurately. This consists of Actual Ear Measurement. If you do not know what Actual Ear Measurement is, I extremely suggest you watch my video:

The Widex Evoke Listening to support is actually a formidable system that’s considered one of a form. So, in case you are on the lookout for a listening to support that permits you to make particular customizations on the fly, with the flexibility to turn out to be smarter over time, chances are you’ll need to think about the Evoke on your subsequent set of gadgets.


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  • Здравствуйте, я из России у меня evoke 110, вопрос можно ли использовать через андроид как гарнитуру, отвечать на звонки, слушать музуку. И в программе у вас 3 иконки символа снизу, у меня 2. Музыкальной нет. Есть универсальная, ту что настроил доктор. И четырёх направленная чтоб прибавлять и убавлять. Можно ссылки о возможностях в плане it технологий данного аппарата программные обеспечения. Спасибо, заранее

  • Long ago the wides programming was so tedious that audiologists avoided offering them? Is it still a pain in the arse?

  • Would be good if you did a video on CIC's v RICS. I am too vain to wear the RICS but I know they are better for maintenance and sound. I have a pair of Widex Evoke to trial and have an android phone and find they do pair ok but sometimes do not connect so well. THey have a lot of wind noise too. The learning app does not work very well either and is more of a gadget.

  • What if you are someplace where your iPhone cannot connect to the Internet?? What happens then?

  • Hello Dr. Cliff, I'm in 5 day free trial of the Evoke 440 and I can't get good quality sound, it sounds like robotic voices. Do you think that might change over time? (I had SSHL on my right ear and that left me with audio distortion as well, besides tinnitus). Also, I can't find all the 11 programs that are mentiones in this video, do I have to do something? thank you for your help.

  • Hello Dr Cliff: Thank you for your response to my questions on your other videos. I've been exploring getting an Evoke Hearing Aid. But I just found out that if you need a Widex BICROS for one ear (left ear in my case) then you can only use their ONE program (which they call the Universal Program) because turning on the BICROS immediately reverts the program back to Universal. So, all the technological advances (including machine learning) with Widex are unavailable to me if I use a BICROS. So, I was pondering another alternative and I would very much appreciate your opinion. What if I only bought ONE of the latest advanced version of Widex Evoke Fusion2 for my right ear (in which I do have some hearing loss)? And, instead of placing a BICROS in my left (bad) ear, I place nothing, and instead get a Widex microphone that connects wirelessly to my Evoke hearing aid. Then, I presumably get all the machine learning capability AND be able to adjust the program to each situation AND be able to hear people on my left (through the microphone). I realize that this would be a little bit inconvenient because I have to carry around a microphone. But I'm willing to do that. What do you think of such a setup?