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What's wrong with my hearing aid? – Applied Hearing Solutions

Does your listening to help have to be reprogrammed, or does it have to be repaired?

On this video, I share a narrative of a sufferers listening to aids that she thinks are in want of reprogramming. Testing revealed that the listening to aids had been in-fact not functioning correctly and had been in want of restore.

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Methods to forestall Listening to Support Repairs:

1. Seeing your Audiologist commonly – Audiologists can do extra detailed upkeep in your units to forestall points from arising.

2. House Preventative Upkeep – Cleansing your individual listening to aids commonly is crucial to correct listening to help operate.

3. Use a Dry and Retailer Package – If you’re not utilizing a listening to help dryer, your listening to help will lose sound high quality and shorten it is usable life. I like to recommend the Zephyr or the Westone Listening to Support Saver.
Listening to Support Saver:


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  • good video. the title of the video should be " how to take real good care of your hearing aids" It was a good story too. everything you stated in the video I'm already aware of and doing that. However about drying kits after some research.. I decided to go with Serene Renew Dryer and Freshener... they require no descendants. I've had it all summer long and it's about the best investment I made for maintaining my hearing aids. I sweat a lot especially since my job is to work outside all day and install air conditioners on a hot summer day.

  • Great stuff! nobody ever told me about that when i purchased two hearing aids three years ago. They both had to be replaced twice in three years...And the third year i had to purchase additional insurance, nice con game, hay!

  • I am getting rechargeable hearing aids that have a little drying disk that fits in the charging case. Is using this (and replacing the discs regularly) enough?

  • I live in Queensland Australia .I would like a service centre to repair my Hearing Aids .I have been advised that they are Dead and need repair. There is no one in Aust who repair H/Aids

  • I am not sure how to remove the thin little dome without tearing it. I wish you had included a video of it being removed in this video!

  • I have recently done service of my hearing aids. But my left hearing aid keeps beeping even when new batteries are inserted .