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What Hearing Aids are really like

What Hearing Aids are really like

Be taught How To Signal all of the Months from January to December in American Signal Language!


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  • This video couldn’t come at a better time haha. I’ve been deaf in my right ear nearly two years, finally had my hearing test recently which proved that and I’ve been told I’m having a hearing aid assessment. I’m not sure much about the process whatsoever or what they feel like or anything so I’m so excited to watch this as I’m so bloody anxious about it all.
    Looking forward to hearing well again but with my long list of health issues this is surprisingly something I’ve not experienced yet 🤣

  • As a firefighter I lost most of my hearing in a work accident. I just got a sweet pair of rechargeable Starkey Evolv RIC. They’ve got Bluetooth and I look like a crazy person when I’m using them on a phone call hahaha.
    You don’t realize how much you can’t hear until try hearing aids. Taking them out after a wearing them a whole day feels like hitting the mute button on the world. Keep up with your videos!

  • Hi caela 💗 as always another well balanced video on whether to wear hearing aids or not! I don't know whether insurance covers the cost of hearing aids where you live,but I personally think you should get your hearing tested again & get more up to date hearing aids as technology has come a long way & you would benefit no end for wearing them all the time! I think solid coloured earmoulds would suit you!
    When I first started watching your videos as you said you did hate your hearing aids! But as I said I think if you got the right hearing aids you would wear them all the time! If you needed glasses to see you would wear them all the time,hearing aids are no different! If you did a go fund me to get new earmoulds you know I would donate! Are you still raising money for an assistance dog? You hit the nail on the head when you said your boyfriend had friends around & you never heard them that you should wear hearing aids to keep you safe! Your parents were right to let you choose when to wear your hearing aids! If you were like me if my parents told me to do something like wearing hearing aids or glasses I would have refused but when they leave it up to you then you probably wear them!
    Back in the late 1980's my first hearing aids were a box you clipped to your clothes & wires coming from the box to a receiver in the ear! If you were totally deaf you would have two boxes & a harness strapped to your chest! We had a deaf school near to where I lived & the children all had these boxes & receivers! Today they would have looked like ear buds etc! And yes I too suffer from hearing fatigue it's hard work trying to hear when your profoundly deaf like me! So maybe think again about getting new hearing aids or at least new earmoulds,at the very least you will be able to hear your boyfriend! Sorry for rambling that's what comes of having autism & a proccesing disorder & having to write everything down 💖💖