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What Does A Cochlear Implant Sound Like?

Cochlear implants do not generate sound like a listening to support would. As a substitute, they zap your cochlea.

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  • When first turn on first timers you will hear at first it going to sound like muffled noise like duck quacking sounds like trying to quack while underwater lol or hear extremely hard S or “ch” a lot of “ ding” and it takes about a few weeks to few months those things to fade away slowly and all the pressure improves and reduces from your head and it starts to clear things up after about half a year to full year in.

  • baloney. I have cochlear implants and things sound very close to what they sounded like before when I had normal hearing in one ear. Yes I have some big advantages (polyglot and musically trained so my brain knows how to interpret sound and re-wire itself very fast) but no, cochlear implants don't necessarily sound very different than natural hearing except in a few situations. most speech sounds EXACTLY like before, and I mean EXACTLY. my wife's voice sounds exactly like before. Complex music can be a bit of a pain, long sounds (violin for example) are harder to percieve than short spikey sounds like percussion or piano or gunshots, etc, but that is true for normal hearing too

  • You should make a new video I just got a new implant and chances are the guy you talked to has an older implant the new implants now are amazing they cover pitch and timbre and technology that isolates someone’s voice over a large crowd, they even Bluetooth to your phone for direct audio streaming from your phone,