Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Tinnitus

Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Tinnitus-Video

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Dr. Mandrell on Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Tinnitus

Hello, everyone, dr. Mandel with you. I hope you have on a pleasant day or a night regressive where you are worldwide. This is going to be a cutting edge program and I’m, hoping that hundreds of thousands of people can benefit from this Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Tinnitus stuff.

We are streaming worldwide via the web right now, as notifications are going out in our chat room, but I’ll continue about fixing tonight tinnitus tinnitus, whatever you like to call it. People call it differently a major breakthrough of research that I went through, that.

I think that there are many things that we can do to help this problem and safe. There’s, a lot of people out there as we get older people get this high ringing high buzzing high pitch. I know what it’s like and it’s quite annoying and it can be frustrating and you can run to many different doctors and ents & amp internists and do MRIs or neurologists, and you get nothing back of any information that Will help you, you can go to audiologists, they can check our errors and the majority of people who have tinnitus or ringing in the ears are considered normal hearing and the imbalance or the altered hearing that they may have falls outside the normal everyday hearing pattern of What is considered the norm, so I want to go over some very important things.

Tinnitus frustrates you

This is something as we talked about quite annoying quite loud. Many people get it differently at different times of the day. Pitch is higher lower ringing. It can alternate ears, it can wake. You up, it can make you frustrated. Okay. This is something that can cause pain in the ears just from the tinnitus. Now there are many things out there and you. If you go through my channel on tinnitus ringing in the ears, you’ll see many of my videos.

If you look through my videos on eustachian tube dysfunction, there are many ways of correcting tinnitus. If it is your your station tubes, but most cases of tinnitus or tinnitus comes from the brain now, when I say come from the brain, that means that it’s, not the inner ear or the eustachian tube causing it.

But is there’s, an alteration of the brain, communicating with the inner ear and the messages get disrupted? And so you hear this hissing or this Shh, this sound. It gets worse. Certain times of the day, you’ll notice that when you’re in sound, you can seem to get by when people are around talking.

But when it’s quiet it’s very, very difficult. It could make you crazy, affects your sleep. Many people out there will put like noise on, but I’m gonna show you something that I’m, hoping this is gonna make a big dent in you.

Let’s. Go let’s, move to the fun stuff. Okay, the one thing that we’re concerned about in the body, regardless of what condition you have I don’t care. What condition it is any type of condition our objective is to find homeostasis.

Now, if you don’t know what homeostasis is homeostasis is a balance within the organism. In other words, when we’re out of balance as the eastern philosophers and doctors talk about qi when the energy is off or the yin-yang is off, we get more energy in one area and less in another area, alters the system and causes symptoms.

Drugs have side effects

But in western medicine, instead of this searching for a symptom and trying to correct it with a drug, because drugs have side effects, we’re, going to have potential side effects and other symptoms. It’s, going to react from that drug, but when it comes down to homeostasis my objective today is it teach you how to find that homeostasis and when you find and are able to achieve homeostasis, you are going to help your body with any Symptom now, why am i picking tinnitus? Because i found something quite astonishing that i’m going to share with you let’s.

Move on the first thing I want to talk about is E. If you see the sympathetic and parasympathetic people don’t know about this, but if you do, this is part of the autonomic nerve. System. This is controlled by the central nervous system and there’s, two pieces to the autonomic nervous system.

The sympathetic is what the fight-or-flight system is like your heartbeat races, your blood pressure increases your pupils, dilate, you can look on the left and the parasympathetic is what we’re after. This is what we’re after. There is a very important nerve called cranial nerve 10 called the vagus nerve, and if you go through the studies and you search the internet, they’re, already stimulating the vagus nerve through many different conditions to help relax the system.

vagus nerve is the longest largest nerve

Now I want you to know the biggest nerve. If I come over here, the vagus nerve is the longest largest nerve out of all the cranial. Nerves are 12 cranial nerves. The vagus nerve supplies the most critical most important areas, our entire body. It affects the heart. It regulates the heart of it, regulates the lungs and the breathing. It regulates the intestines, it regulates all these different organs, so 75 percent of really all the autonomic system is working through this vagus nerve.

This vagus nerve they have found correlates back to tinnitus or tinnitus. So what does that mean? Well, that means that when we look at that vagus nerve, we wonder how or how important it is, what it does it calms a system down now the if you notice that your doctors, your therapist or neurologists, have always said, relax get your sleep, make sure you Rest make sure you’re, not under stress, because in any disease, nor any problem stress always trigger prop triggers problems to be worse, if it’s pain, if it’s, problems with insomnia, if it’s, Tinnitus, if it’s ringing in the ears, if it’s anxiety, are you with me because we’re, getting a sympathetic response because the sympathetic system is overwhelming or over conquering the parasympathetic? So if you look at the sympathetic nerves, this is our heightened activity.

This is stimulating. Actually it’s, shutting off the vagus nerve and what it does. It causes inflammatory changes in the cells and it reduces the activity of the immune system, and so the purpose that we’re after today is to stimulate the vagus nerve, because the majority of those nerves controls the involuntary parts of our body and by Stimulating the vagus nerve or this parasympathetic system, this is going to wind down the tinnitus.

Slow down your nervous system

This is going to slow down your nervous system. This is gonna make those sounds start to become lessons. It’s, gonna start to stay it away more and more and more because the things that you’re, doing, which I’m about to show. You is going to allow you to recognize that the purpose and the reason why these doctors can’t help. You is because you’re, not helping yourself. So my job today is to teach you how you can help yourself to help combat this problem.

Now I’ve. Seen problems totally go away in time, many of them, but if you can reduce it, 50 % 75 %, 90 % and just don’t even know you have it anymore. You’ve done a miracle. Okay, you with me right now. All right, so here is the vagus nerve and you can see the importance of what it does in the nervous system, how it decreases the heart rate, so it will lower the blood pressure. It does help regulate homeostasis within the liver, the gut the the gut motility.

It helps the people who are constipated all that guess what too much sympathetic nervous system, people who have more pain. Our notice notice saying that the vagus nerve is not going to suppress us. It’s, not going it’s, going to increase the sympathetic which is going to cause more inflammation their brain activity.

So people who have more anxiety and depression are not going to have this vagus nerve working. So it says we want to suppress it and you can look at that there, but let’s go here. Obviously, the first thing is confusion being unclear in life, just not really understanding what’s going on a lot and you’re kind of confused.

Your health anxiety problems

Well, what you’re doing! Is you’re, increasing the sympathetic nervous system, and by doing that, you are making yourself more depressed? You are having more fear you’re. Having more stress it may be from, like I say, bills. Your health anxiety problems, overworking problems in your household, maybe self-esteem problems, and then we start to panic and we get more anxiety and this anxiety just keeps building on a sympathetic system where now we’re, taking away from that parasympathetic, the vagus nerve is Not being helped and it gets louder so when we go forward and we see that we’re, not sleeping well, that is number one.

I would say that the majority of people in the studies that I’ve come across is insomnia. A lack of sleep makes tinnitus, worse, always makes it worse, but I understand that the anxiety, the other conditions that are going along in life, too, stresses the depression. The fears all attribute to insomnia. So as we look here, the next thing I want to talk about is sugar. I’m, not going to spend a lot of time. You can look at my videos on this, but sugar causes inflammation inflammation affects the entire body.

The entire system and tenderness is or is directly related to inflammation, any symptom of miscommunication, any symptom of something that’s. Not working correctly is all tied in the inflammation heart disease, diabetes, anything okay, lots of tension. I don’t want people doing this, because this is not healthy. Now, when you’re in a lot of pain that will make it worse, pain causes other symptoms as well. So this takes us to a couple of things. Relaxation go to a beach.

Take timeout very important. Go take timeout, go to a park. Take your your friends, your family ride, a bike, walk the trails. Whatever you’re, doing, spend time, meditate slow the system down tap into the parasympathetic into that vagal nerve stimulation that supply in the heart. Your blood pressure, your pulse rate, its supplying its increasing endorphins and kapha lines in the system swim that one of the best exercise is increasing aerobic activity, increasing the heart rate, increasing and Dwarf ins.

Stimulating that vagus nerve

Increasing mobility in the joints increases blood supply, increasing synovial, fluid increasing, better function throughout your joints. Another study shows just gargling in the back of the throat, stimulates the vagus nerve.

Try it miss by stimulating that vagus nerve can help changes in your nervous system very important. As I move here, we talk about just taking walks. Relaxing the body seeing nature. All these kind of things are going to help your tennis, you’re saying well, how is it going to help it because you’re, stimulating the parasympathetic system, the more time you can get away from those stressful things, the anxiety things, The fearful things and reverse the nervous system, the better off you’re, going to be.

If you want to go out and just shake it dance sink all gonna help. You massage excellent, stimulating the parasympathetic system. Take time out get massage studies show getting in coldness, be shocking. Your system, cold showers, help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system running out, walking a slow jog whatever it is, helps stimulate it going out and saying chanting all these things stimulates it the mantra chanting the singing at the top of your lungs.

The muscles in the back of your throat again, I tell you what, if you gargle, if you sing you’re, stimulating the activity of the vagus nerve and that vagus nerve has been found to increase oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone. That makes people feel closer to one another, so that’s. Why? When people sing they get emotional, they feel like they’re more loving and it will actually stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

I love this in the background. These are the go-go girls. Well, if you got to put your music on and do that, go for it because that’s, going to stimulate that parasympathetic nervous system, we’re, finishing up guys, girls listening to soft music there’s.

lots of great music

A lot of great music on there for tinnitus different tones, different streams. There’s. A lot of great things you can put on you can search tinnitus in your your phone. Your smartphone, you’ll, get a lot of great music.

You can listen to at night deep breathing is excellent, slowing down the the heart rate and everything else, as well as yoga great great great for you. I cannot stress it more than anything in the whole world, so we go back to one thing. This is our mission. Our mission here is to stimulate the parasympathetic system. Life is not easy, God, didn’t make life so easy for us because he puts us to the challenge, but everything you’ve done today or in the past.

You’ve succeeded. You’re here today. Whatever you’ve done, you’ve already past those obstacles as hard as things were in your life, you made it and you ‘ Ll continue to make it, so I ask all of you to have perseverance because, as someone mentions, how to reduce hyper aku’s, when you have this stimulation, this hyperacusis is just increased.

Sensitivity goes hand-in-hand with tinnitus. It works the same way and what I’m, telling you it goes for hyperacusis. It goes for tenderness. It goes for ringing in the ears. Go for hissing in the ears by stimulating the autonomic nervous system, particularly the parasympathetic system is going to help.

You I can promise is going to help you, because this is worsened by sympathetic response. Fight-Or-Flight stress, anxiety, irritability, depression, lack of sleep; all this makes it worse. So I hope this really helps you.

I pray it helps you. I ask you to share this video. Please subscribe to get a lot more great videos like these check out my channel motivational doc check me out on Facebook motivational doc. I appreciate your reviews and if you haven’t left one.

Please do so if you are a regular listener here. I would really appreciate that, but most important share this information with others, because it’s all about helping others. I wish I everyone. Peace love, a lot of great health, and I tell everyone – and I asking you as well – make it a great day.

We’ll catch up with you real soon on our next video bye, bye. Now

Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Tinnitus: Amazing Stuff

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