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Transverse Sinus Stenting for my Pulsatile Tinnitus + IIH

Transverse Sinus Stenting for my Pulsatile Tinnitus + IIH

I had my left transverse sinus stented and vlogged the day to replace you on my journey.
I hope this video offers some perception into what occurs.



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  • Am really happy to hear this.. how are you the sound will stop??? 😊😊😊 thanks for update

  • I have the same problem with pulsatileT initus. I am 66 my blood vessels are old. You need to grow new ones and detox . Try Quadible. I use nitric oxide ×3 every morning . You will feel results after two weeks . Keep using it. Use the blood circulation app in. Red also .

  • You must start fasting you must not eat Sugar wheat they are inflammatory to your body. Dr berg fast you tube . Look at Sapien on you tube heal Yourself ....

  • Hi
    Jodie , I thought sinus stented was done from the back of the neck. Is it always the back of the neck? Thank you very much for sharing your experience with this pulsating tinnitus stented surgery video. Hope you get your health back soon .. Greetings from Nederlands

  • I’m so happy for your three days of complete silence & looking forward to it finally being permanent peace.
    Thank you for sharing your journey & for keeping us updated. It gives us so much hope!