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The truth about what its like wearing Hearing Aids

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  • I was wondering? Have you ever fell with your hearing aids on. They say it's painful. If so,how does it feel like?

  • Your hearing aids weren't covered by insurance?? I got my first hearing aid in second grade when I was 8. I'm 16 now. They have always covers mine that's so weird lol

  • Thank you for sharing this! This is super helpful for people like me who want to learn more about the HA! And You are so cute!!!

  • Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ the other hole in your ear mold is a vent hole. It allows some sound to escape your canal and air flow.

  • I started wearing hearing aids back in 75 when I was 8. Coming from the UK we can get hearing aids on the NHS. There's no charge upfront and basically all you have to do is make an appointment to see a GP who will refer you to the local audiology centre where you get a hearing test and get hearing aids similar to the one's your wearing. You could really do with something similar in America. I actually went private so the aids I bought don't need the tubes changing and the moulds are smaller. They still stick that gunge in your ear but the tubes don't go hard as there's a small plug in the mould that protects the tubes from the wax. One of the reasons you may be getting a lot of wax in your ears is because ear moulds are an irritant and cause wax build up. Totally not your fault and nothing to apologise for. Take care and I hope you get the support you need with the tubes etc. Oh my aids play a tune when I switch them on. I do a dance with my little boy when they play!

  • Hello Caela my name is Matheus I am from Brazil and I am deaf in both ears, I use hearing aids, I really liked your video 😍😍