The Skin Around Your Eyes Gets Thinner And Becomes Less Elastic With Age

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The Skin Around Your Eyes Gets Thinner With Age

Saggy eye bags are a problem that many individuals face as they grow older and a large part of the problem arises from aging skin. As the skin ages, the elasticity of the skin is greatly reduced so that it is over stretched and the texture of the skin also changes and becomes more thinner. A few other reasons that may cause eye bags include genetics and some kinds of medical conditions and allergic reactions.

However most of the things that produce puffy eye bags are related to the living style of the person and can be controlled without any problems.

Properly getting rid of your eye bags is easy using the following tips.

1. Get Rid of Eye Bags through Rest – People who who attend social gatherings frequently and stay out late can very often find themselves developing puffy bags and dark circles around their eyes. For the skin to remain healthy, sufficient amount of restful sleep is required on a daily basis. People should set a regular time for their evening activities and also for going to bed and waking up in order that their circadian sleep cycle is aligned properly and maintained in a proper balance.

The sleeping environment should be made as encouraging to refreshing sleep as possible. Emotional stress and anxiety can keep people awake however relaxation exercises prior to bedtime is the best solution to handle this problem. Raising the head up on a couple of pillows while sleeping should help excess fluids in puffy eye bags to drain away.

2. Control Allergies for Removal Of Eye Bags – Many different types of allergy reactions to things as disparate as pets, foods and environmental factors such as pollen can cause allergic reactions that make the eyes red and puffy and create puffy eye bags. Removing eye bags for those who have allergen hypersensitivity or those who suspect they might have them involves consulting with their physician for information and advice. While there, a checkup can make sure that the puffy eye bags are not being brought on by medical problems with the thyroid or kidneys.

3. Use Cold to Reduce Eye Bags – Applying cold compresses or cold packs on the eyes is a good and fast way of getting rid of saggy eye bags effectively but temporarily. Cold packs can be made with just about any article which can be chilled.

A traditional folk medicine treatment uses cucumber slices which have been chilled. Recent popular choices for cold packs include spoons which have been left in the fridge over night and frozen wash cloths. Researchers recently revealed that green tea carries an ingredient in it which works as an anti-inflammatory so chilled green tea bags have become a favorite choice for cold packs to reduce puffiness in eye bags.

4. Creams to Reduce Eye Bags – When the skin near the eyes ages it loses elasticity and that might help eye bags to form. A skin cream, gel or lotion which has effective components to replenish moisture and proteins in the skin can be an excellent way of eliminating eye bags.

One important ingredient which can help to revitalize skin and make it more stretchy is collagen, a skin protein that is naturally produced by your body but decreases as the body gets older. Other ingredients include the vitamins A, E and K which are vital to the health of the skin. These nutrients have anti-oxidant properties and help to induce collagen production.

5. Reduce Eye Bags with Facial Exercises – Getting rid of eye bags can also be achieved by the use of many different facial exercises specifically designed to tighten the skin layers and build up muscle tone as well as burn off accumulated fats and fluids under the eyes.

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The Skin Around Your Eyes Gets Thinner And Stretches More Easily Because It Becomes Less Elastic With Age
Saggy eye bags are a problem that many individuals face as they grow older and a large part of the problem arises from aging skin. As the skin ages.

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