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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (Hindi) Patient teaching programme

Sudden sensorineural listening to loss: affected person complaints, examination findings, investigations, therapy


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  • I have sudden hearing loss in midnight my doctor may give me oral medicine of steroids now In 5-6 day I can hear 30 40% can I heard fully after my medicine ends

  • Hello sir
    I'm shravan. age 26
    I suffering snhl
    Now iam diagnostic audiogram left ear 33 db and right ear 40 db
    Now iam taking medicine so any chance to recover sir. please replay me sir

  • I suffered with snhl 2 yrs ago recovered my hearing fortunately but still i fear to do anything like using earphones although doctor said i can use it. Doctor according to you can a person use earphones after recovery. Also how to normalize small problems that occurs in that ear bcoz as i am young i am afraid to do anything

  • Sir kal mene full audio m song play krdiya tha earphone m it's been a day now everything is normal sir merko hearing problem toh nhi hogai hogi naaa??? Please reply