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ReSound ONE Hearing Aid Detailed Review

ReSound ONE Listening to Support Detailed Evaluation. Physician Clifford Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, Critiques the brand new ReSound ONE listening to assist with Microphone & Receiver In Canal know-how.

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  • My charger is no longer working. can i get inside to change the batteries. It is three years old.

  • I have these aids with standard receivers and after 3 adjustments I have decided to return them. The constant shifting directionality is irritating and doesn't help my hearing at all. I hear EVERYTHING except I still can't hear speech well. I get no difference I sounds. I was in a parking lot with cars driving by, a jet overhead, and a guy with a leaf blower. They all sounded the same. I couldn't tell one from the other. BT is worthless, never steams to both aids, sounds horrible, and unless my phone is closer than 1 foot away, it gets choppy sounding. I am totally disappointed in these aids. I am returning and going back to my previous aids, which even at 5 years old, blow these aids away. Total failure IMHO

  • I've been using Resound GN for the past 6 months and I can't tell you how disappointed I am in these hearing aids 😔
    I've made over 12 different trips to the clinic due to so many inconveniences.
    I found the custome molds could never sit in place so I opted for a Power Dome which is great and all but they get super itchy. I've learned to live with it, and at other times I don't even notice it anymore.
    The reciever on my right ear had to be swapped 2 times and now my left hearing aid is also needing a swap. In a matter of 6 months though? Is this normal?
    I tend to get a lot of wax build up so the M&RIE microphone (in canal) needs to be cleaned consistently, or swapped out with a new one. When I brush the microphone it makes the sound quality muffled or mute. I'm still able to hear rustling sounds but there is no sound coming in, they sound plugged up. So now, no matter how I clean them they end up worse.
    I usually have to run to the bathroom in the middle of work and be gone for 10 mins because I'm desperately trying to get them clean. I've left work to visit my hearing aid tech 4 different times to get them fixed.
    Not to mention the program of my hearing aid at one point was not "fit" to the dome. Which meant I was living in "Restuarant Mode" in a closed dome for one month. Until we switched to a power dome AND power dome completely changed the game. But maintanence of the Resound GN is way too high, too time consuming and not reliable for someone who lives an active and busy lifestyle. I've been so thrown off by Resounds GN that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
    I'm 29 yrs old, work 2 jobs, live a super busy life style and I don't have time to be going in 2-3 times a month to get them cleaned or fixed. Nevermind stepping away from the dinner table or my job to hide in a bathroom to clean them. What kind of life is that? 😮‍💨
    Sorry for rambling, is there anyone out there who can relate?! Or do I just have terrible luck?!
    I need a change and I would love to hear your suggestion 😥

  • Minor point, Resound App is compatible with Android 10, will not work with my Tracfone which has Android 7 unless there is a workaround.

  • this is big for me is resound the only one that needs a retainer filiment? I have an old unitron moxi and the retainer element has been nothing but a pain

  • I found this video very useful prior to discussing whether I should get M&RIE or not with my audiologist.

    But ... I have a question which you do not address, and neither have I been able to find any information anywhere else. It relates to the rechargable model. All rechargable batteries have a lifetime, i.e. how many times they can be recharged before power capacity falls off or worse things happen (I experienced that with my Surface Book: battery bloat). Yes, I know charging to about 50% greatly extends the life, but trying to do this is impractical as well as negating the benefits of having a rechargable hearing aid.

    So: do you have data on the number of recharge cycles for the battries in the aids.

    I was calculating along the following lines. If for example, the number is 1,000 cycles then the hearing aids become essentially useless after less than 3 years (assuming daily recharge). So then, are the batteries replacable? But even if they are, the cost + hassle has to be much more than with size 13 batteries. I curently get about a week of use on my LiNX 9-s. That makes my cost for batteries < $60 CAD/year. So the trade off obviously hinges on the projected cycle count. WIth 2,000, for example, getting rechargable starts to make sense.

  • Dr Cliff thank you for informing me about the new ReSound One hearing aid. Today I had a meeting with the audiologist at the Veterans Administration clinic, where I requested a ReSound One hearing aid. I requested the battery powered model because the batteries are free from the VA and they are easy to carry. I also learned from you that they are smaller and more comfortable.